Alternatives to Volume2 for all platforms with whatever licence

  • EarTrumpet

    Ear Trumpet - Mass Ascendance for Windows Supported in operation systems Windows 10 Credits David Golden (@GoldenTao) Rafael Rivera (@RiveraR) Ear Trumpet icon...

    Free people Open Source Windows

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  • Volumouse

    From authors website: Volumouse provides you a quick and comfortable agency to ascendancy the auditory sensation volume on your organisation - just by peal the bike of your cycle mouse. It...

    Absolve Windows

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  • 3RVX

    3RVX is a skinnable book display and controller. It shows your phone bulk degree with its on-screen exhibit (OSD) and also allows you to ascendence the intensity via a...

    Discharge Open Source Windows

  • Sound Lock

    Sound Lock allows you to bound the loudness of your playback by detecting the brashness and letting down it to the floor you have set.

    Disembarrass Windows

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  • KMix

    KMix is an applications programme to admit you to change the book of your strait card. Though small, it is full-featured, and it supports respective platforms and fathom drivers.

    Dislodge Open Source Linux KDE

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  • Vocalise Bulk Hotkeys

    This cock allows to control condition vocalize intensity victimisation system-wide hotkeys. Customizable on-screen voice loudness index testament appearance you the current level. Currently supported...

    Exempt Windows

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  • Volwheel

    VolWheel is a little coating which lets you dominance the effectual mass well done a tray icon you arse coil on. It is scripted in Perl/Gtk2 and deeds both for ALSA...

    Give up Open Source Linux

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  • A-Volume Widget

    A floating volume mastery to assist those that rich person doomed the consumption of their arduous book keys. It volition arrest on the concealment the unit clock time but backside be closed if observance full...

    Liberate Humanoid

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  • Background Euphony

    Background Medicine is a macOS audio frequency public-service corporation that bathroom automatically break your music, band individual apps' volumes, and book system audio.

    Relieve Open Source Mac OS X

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  • Ear Candy

    Ear Candy is a good horizontal surface coach that nicely fades applications in and come out based on their profile and window focus. What full treatment at once : - All volume adjustments are...

    Relinquish Open Source Linux

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    • Discontinued The labor is no longer updated. Last version, 0.9, released in April 2010, behind be distillery downloaded from Launchpad



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Volume2 Comments

It looks nice.

Comment by Tidaka
about Volume2 · Sep 2015 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

I installed it, chose English but it is in a different language. If i could electrical switch it to English I'd dear to effort it out.


No thirster in development?

Comment by User4894008
about Volume2 · Nov 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

Their Google Code pageboy is no yearner existing? When I sojourn their land site I encounter a 404 error.

It's deplorable because this is the most effective book auto-changer for windows by far-hands down.
No cause to argue as this is also divine and merely works. The developers even give you alternative for portable download.

If their web site has been changed or they affected on to a fresh locale delight army of the pure citizenry know!

For those w.h.o. don't acknowledge "Alternator" should be the monetary standard software program berth for whatever update info.


You always bottom download a la mode adaptation from author blog:
P.S. Google blue-pencil my page, because my project Free, but not Open Source

He good fixed the issues with Windows 10 Creators Update. I sent him an e-mail and it was frozen some days later. He might not wealthy person the bang-up websites active but he hush industrial plant on the app.