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Secure e-mail without a earphone number

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I've come across Tutanota late when look to an electronic mail armed service to mansion up for without a earpiece number. Tutanota was the alone single I could find.

Maybe there are more, but the amount of tracking (phone number, ip addresses, etc.) that's departure on online right at once actually scares me. It becomes close to impossible to consumption the internet anonymously. Some sites at present even effect you to mark up with Facebook and the likes, that's mad!

Anyway, I'm identical felicitous that I've found Tutanota - not lone arse I economic consumption it anonymously, it's also encrypted and open source.

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Encrypts emails automatically

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Tutanota offers a alone email avail as my data is automatically encrypted locally ahead being sent to the servers. I don't know if this is super-secure, but compared to Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo w.h.o. backside read all my information that is equitable great. With Tutanota I acknowledge for certain that noone is snooping around. Beloved it.


Encrypted emails - nice and easy

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It's my accession to assure chat apps the like Telegram and Textsecure. Perfect if you demand to contact individual world health organization is not on these plattforms!


Secure and easy

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Dear it, especially its anonymity (no ip logging, baring of ip addresses). Plus I employment it with Tor, CyberGhost or OpenVpn to be duplicate secure. :)


Encryption for the masses!

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I've fair base come out of the closet about Tutanota and I'm absolutely thrilled. I dearest that I bathroom enjoyment it via Tor and that I behind exercise crypto with anybody, it's so damn easy!