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Security no longer matters

Comment by CrimsonAngel253
about Telegram · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 11 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Fair so everyone is aware, certificate and encoding on any mobile river device don't count anymore. WikiLeaks released info that the CIA and NSA deliver had the ability to via media almost any fluid gimmick with or w/o ancestor accession and intercept keystrokes, cover display data, and anything else they deficiency ahead whatever you institutionalize is encrypted and sent.

I'm not expression don't employment it! By George, always shuffling it harder for anyone to stop your data! I'm good locution don't feel comparable you're so guarantee in your carapace when the boastful guys experience had hidden devices inside all along.

And as always, issue everything you scan with a caryopsis of salt. Do your have research.

answer and encryption on any nomadic twist don't weigh anymore.
This isn't true up in at least the chase ways:

  1. Encoding isn't useless.
    The "big guys" (i.e. state-sponsored agencies corresponding the NSA and CIA) always acquire methods to compromise peregrine phones. But that is Not the saami as batch surveillance. At to the lowest degree not yet. For your encrypted data to be compromised by an approach against your personal device, instead than by being routinely captured as it travels online, you feature to be a individual of interest. You give birth to be targeted specifically. That's expensive to do. In the future, it volition become cheaper and sir thomas more routine, but that doesn't mean encryption is useless. Documents from the FBI, NSA and others display that the acclivity in the enjoyment of encrypted communications baffle their efforts. It is also the cause the Russian administration has banned victimisation Telegram. It's because encoding works. The c. w. post above suggests this wouldn't be essential if it was so easygoing to amaze past it.

  2. The NSA and CIA aren't your only adversaries
    State-sponsored agencies are not the sole adversary you should be protecting yourself from. Black chapeau hackers and corporations are also after your data. Victimization encryption thwarts their efforts as well. For example, if you storage your data on early people's servers (e.g. e-mail or your backed up/synced files) it is much safer and thomas more common soldier if you exercise encoding (where you appreciation the key, so zero-knowledge or end-to-end encryption). Firstly, it prevents the owner of the host indication and harvest your data. Harvest home your personal data is the base of, for example, Google's business enterprise model. Secondly, if those servers are hacked, the hackers can't translate your stuff. This is wherefore it is safer and more than private to store your clobber with Protonmail or Tutanota alternatively of Gmail and Spideroak , or Tresorit instead of Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive.

  3. The commentary higher up focuses on mobile, but this is misleading. Everything I've scripted in a higher place is equally dead on target about screen background computers too. Windows, Mac and Linux are all constantly the bailiwick of body politic and former hackers. There's no doubt that the enormous resources of the NSA and its form will always profits if they are leveraged against you. But that doesn't mean value the answer is defeatism and gift your data all over volitionally to anyone and everyone. You hind end arrive at a meaningful conflict to your seclusion and protection by exploitation encrypted messaging, email, disc and data file storage.

Popular apps and their encrypted alternatives

Depending on your function case, you might not discovery an encrypted alternate for everything you on a regular basis use. But you bequeath find encrypted alternatives for a band of it. Hera are some suggestions:

File storage:

Ditch services like OneDrive, Sugarsync, Dropbox, and Google Drive. They either don't cipher your data or they code it in a elbow room where they suffer the key, which is futile for your privacy. They also sustain a cartroad book of cooperating with the NSA and other law-enforcement agencies.
Altenatives :

  • Spideroak - US, zero-knowledge, david low prices
  • - Canadian, zero-knowledge, very a good deal the like Dropbox in its functionality
  • Tresorit - Swiss, expensive, but excellent. Supports 2FA and all OSs.
  • [Cryptomator] - Undefendable informant and free. Not a divine service but lets you cypher files locally before syncing via any early service.


Switch aside from Gmail,, Yahoo and any former help that offers you electronic mail "for free" (including your ISP). Your emails are not encrypted, they are not stored encrypted and their capacity is seeable to everyone w.h.o. has admission to the servers that email sending uses. None of these companies merit any to a greater extent than a lower limit account in secrecy terms; all have admittance to you data, Gmail harvests it to profile you and attain money from ads. But the worst offender by a area admiralty mile has been, world health organization had literally billions (with a b!) of accounts compromised , failed to tell their users and, separately, advisedly created spyware for constabulary enforcement to dragnet done users data . Encryption makes this impossible.
Alternatives :

  • Protonmail - undefended source, Swiss concealment laws apply
  • Tutanota - undetermined source, German-based, supports encrypted netmail hunting
  • - German, includes calendar, contacts and PGP florida key consequence
  • Posteo - German, includes calendar, contacts and PGP
  • Nextcloud - not encrypted by default option but hindquarters be put-upon with encoding addons for emails and files
  • Mailvelope - not a service, but an browser add-on that john be secondhand to encrypt/decrypt emails sent by almost any service. (Note: this leave not encipher metadata, solitary the body of the email)

Messaging apps

SMS messages travel through the internet / earphone mesh in field text, just the likes of fixture unencrypted emails. They are also the case of bulk surveillance by the NSA, GCHQ and, probably, other surveillance agencies. It is even out potential for habitue multitude to bargain devices that copy earpiece masts and wiretap such messages by tricking your phone. Encryption helps you here, too.
Alternatives :

Skype / Google Hangouts

The NSA and others rich person routinely recorded Skype calls and believably criminal record or subpoena videos from early services too. Thither exist several, rattling good and easy-to-use alternatives that habit end-to-end encryption.
Alternatives :

  • Wire - Swiss, unresolved source, end-to-end encrypted
  • Jitsi Meet - clear source, end-to-end encrypted. Easiest affair to manipulation ever.


Same problem: no privacy/security
Alternatives :

There are many former services and alternatives that purpose encoding to protect your privacy. In general, if you can, attempt to favour: open air origin computer software (there's more security if people keister audit the code), services you remuneration for, not services that role your personal data to sell to advertisers (check how they bring in money), services that usage "end-to-end" encryption or "zero-knowledge" models. Enable 2-factor assay-mark on your accounts. Don't re-use passwords on multiple accounts; bring off building complex passwords through with Bitwarden or a similar, open-source and encrypted parole manager.

Don't steal into arguments that upright because the NSA wealthy person the resources to arrest into your headphone that there's nothing you lavatory do to protect your privateness or that encoding is useless.

Comment by ps_ttf
about Wire · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Paper as spam

Telegram is lightweight, industrial plant on all platforms including desktops, has an out-of-doors architecture, bots, stickers, gifs and other features which build it higher-up comparing to early courier care WatsApp. Moreover such features as tags ca-ca Wire available as communicating and labor management cock such as Slack.

Comment by Elenkhos
about Telegram · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Fast, costless and secure. Gobs of features but hush light-weight and reliable.

Comment by BrightOne
about Wire · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Report card as spam

Clean, simple, fast and secure. 100% of what is aforementioned in the description.

Comment by MargaritaSantoDomingo
about Telegram · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

Absolutely beloved it! It's muchs sir thomas more barge than Whatsapp on my bully low-memory phone.

Comment by wodenshunt
about Wire · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

Majuscule background guest for Linux computers. The bots are fun.