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This project is opensource not Freemium.


Hi matheusrv.

As we wrote in our description for Taiga.io:

Taiga is free for Public projects and for single Private projection with up to 4 members. Early gainful plans with thomas more projects and more than members are available too.

That's wherefore we band it as Freemium and not as Opensource :)
More info at http://taiga.io/#pricing

You testament earnings if you deficiency to bargain online boniface for taiga. If you deprivation to emcee on your host you could download code at http://github.com/taigaio/

This software isn't Freemium it is OpenSource, many OS companies do something the like that to ameliorate the recipe.

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I empathise what you mean.

Anyway, by convention, on Alternator we bent "Free with limitations" for this form of software package because users lack to acquire a broadcast with no costs at all when they hunt for Opensource.
We circle the licence Opensource alone for totally free people softwares with uncommitted beginning codification :)

Btw, we volition adapt these difficulties with licenses in the approach future ;)

So we have to critical review the entire open generator biotic community because that is a business concern example of respective companies that accompaniment OS software. I for case always consumption the Lone OpenSource filter, so I arse not discovery Taiga? The computer code is usable on GitHub, everyone backside beam Pull Request. Please electric switch it from Freemium to Open air Source. Thank you

I agree, it's Out-of-doors Source, and don't shred it is actually confusing. When inquisitory an Outdoors Germ software program we aspect for a absolve of accusation on self-hosting, not a discharge software. As Matheusrv said, most of caliber Surface Informant software system has a nonrecreational hosted version, and thats the itinerary for future tense development, so if you don't tag end it as Afford Source, you are confusing the terms.

Good task coach for agile

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Beautiful interface for undertaking management, with a batch of features as Kanban and Scrum dashboard, wiki parts for each projects and sub-projects, bugs tracking with statuses, docs upload for tasks.
All of this with a nice and smooth port (even in daniel chester french and former languages).
And the cast is give source, so you bathroom establish it on your possess server (the function is quite complex and that's not functioning for me right now).

Congrats common people and go on this great cock !

PS : then I rich person to migrate my bang-up projects from Redmine to Taiga...

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Taiga is a capital app for simple caravan inn bachelor of arts in nursing boards and backlog direction but I genuinely compliments there was a Ganttt chart!



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Commodity adieu JIRA, although I the likes of you, Taiga makes it comfort to amaze my unit squad byzantine without the acquisition curve.



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Goodbye, Redmine! At once we are aliveness in Taiga!


great app

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It's in truth amazing and simpleton in economic consumption