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I have found SurveyCTO to be an incredible band of sketch software, and I rich person exploited many others. It is simple to bent up, comfortable to use, surveyors beloved it, even those w.h.o. wealthy person little to no experience exploitation electronics, and compliance (in my experience) has been flawless. There are single or deuce early sets of software package that beat it in specialised niches, just by and large thither is aught else the like it in damage of the comfort and caliber from beginning to finish.


SurveyCTO is an excellent answer -- for adult and small projects

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My international enquiry administration trusts our millions (perhaps before long to be billions) of data points to be collected done SurveyCTO. We employment in dozens of countries with a great deal express connectivity, with faculty of extremely variable accomplishment levels, with many different requirements for instruments/indicators, and with different appendage requirements. While super-complicated study forms arse issue some clock time to put option together, the combination of omission logic (relevance), answer constraints, repeat-question tables, data preloading, random figure generation, calculations, ability to connect forms to each other, and thomas more testament acquire you where you demand to be. If you're doing something simple, you could be ready in minutes.

Unity nice thing, among many courteous things, is SurveyCTO's scalability. Evening if you're not running a bighearted show, merely instead your possess simpleton M&E project, you backside amaze circle up apace on your own. Create a host on their site right away, earnings by acknowledgment card, consumption the fantabulous online certification and templates to arrest started, arrive lightning-fast accompaniment along the way, and then baby-sit back and lookout the data come in to your central server from wheresoever your Android devices are aggregation survey information. Your staff volition dear how bare the forms are to oeuvre through, and they bathroom eventide collect data offline to be sent to the waiter later.

Maybe the best affair of all is how chop-chop fresh features are released. SurveyCTO knows what I deficiency ahead I do. Highly recommended!