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Quirkos - what a great product!

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As an experienced qualitative investigator and QDA software package broadcast instructor ( http://nevilleliresearch.weebly.com ), I have got to allege Quikos exceeds my expectations in many ways.


  1. Very comfortable to acquire and to blackbeard my teammates and students to consumption
  2. Visually pleasing chopine - the like the colors and the changes in size of the bubbles patch I code
  3. Being able to attach attributes at once to the sources (more experient researchers testament appreciate this affair for deeper analyses)
  4. Exporting the results takes a few clicks in the data format of Word or PDF
  5. For my projects in particular, I arse invite participants to codification in community-based enquiry and appendage evaluation.


  1. Does not accompaniment audio frequency and telecasting files at the moment, just if you are working by and large with text, w.h.o. cares?
  2. No workshops or tutorials offered yet. Rich person to ascertain it on your possess or contact them for a shop


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After exploitation a brace of qualitative analysis software's, I selected Quirkos and ne'er sour back. Here is the list of best features:

  1. One clock time licence and you donjon it for life!!(no annual renewals)

  2. Discounted bookman license (much cheaper than early softwares)

  3. Very intuitive and visually appealing interface (good for ocular learners).

  4. Easy to computer code and employment with. Don't demand a brobdingnagian acquisition curve.

  5. Very effective client support.

  6. Gives the alternative to export data in MS Word doc. C. h. best for share-out with squad members.

  7. Works offline (no information association needed)

Try it for yourself!!!