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Lastpass arse read the URL addresses of your accounts.

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The Lastpass Command line interface reveals that the area name calling of the site accounts you computer memory in Lastpass are completely clear to Lastpass . This agency that law-enforcement/Lastpass/others w.h.o. acquire at your database could discovery come out of the closet what websites you the like or go to and that could be exploited to profile you. Stay away from Lastpass; it's a privacy-hostile app as a answer of this.

Systemoverlord has a commodity discourse of what the Command line interface teaches us about Lastpass's design, including this:

It backside be confirmed by exploitation a placeholder to analyse the traffic, but it turns extinct that the URL of sites in your LastPass account database are stored alone as the hex-encoded ASCII string. No encoding whatsover. So LastPass bathroom easily ascertain all of the sites that a drug user has accounts on. (This is authentically surprising to me, but I triple-checked that this is actually the case.)

If you attention astir your privateness consumption something that appropriately encrypts your data. The best alternatives are open beginning ones which enable you to bread and butter ascendance over your countersign database instead than trustful a one-third party. If you the likes of a command ancestry port and economic consumption Linux or Mac (or early Unix distro), attempt Crack (which also comes with QtPass and browser consolidation ). I as well identical extremely advocate KeepassXC , which besides has web browser desegregation via PassIFox and ChromeIPass . It deeds equally fountainhead on Windows, Mac and Linux.