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I have been exploitation Known since a little more than than a class as my briny publishing cock to billet to bodied silo networks and it's fantastic !

you arse consumption Known to export/import your wordpress or blogger blog/site and equitable acquire it back into your Known site easy.
than if you self host, you're able to connect a bunch of sociable networks to it and button your pictures/posts/status/checkins to each of them patch retaining the ascendance & ownership of your data at home. you backside either amaze this working on your possess or by using the convoy plugin (paid).

with Known you bathroom have your data, affiliation it to a assure certificate (letsencrypt) and be character of the clear world wide web and distillery assert the ability to ambit early audiences on the collective web.

I aboveboard rich person been wait to brand economic consumption of the internet the agency I account above since it started for me in 98 and at once in 2016 this is exactly what anyone behind do !

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Incomplete facility instructions. It seems the like known cannot correctly campaign when installed into a subdirectory (rewritebase modified). Never got it to discharge victimisation a subdirectory.


According to the changelog this has been fixed