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not a commodity app


GS Richcopy is the best

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I have exploited early softwrares the like Robocopy, Teracopy and others but they failed at some breaker point or other. So after inquisitory a band I found GS Richcopy. And this was the close of all my problems! It was comfortable to consumption unlike Robocopy, it provided hanker itinerary epithet accompaniment unlike teracopy, it utilises all the cores of the CPU done its multi threaded filing cabinet carry-over unlike former software. This is the best that I rich person seen so far. I am exploitation its endeavor version, its affordable according to the features they provide!


Superior for data comeback over WAN

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We are commonly a robocopy shop. However, our latest information migration compulsory a batch of attending and creating batch files or dealing with robocopy NTFS protection germ was start to actually decelerate us down.

Our labor on bridge player was to copy data to our fresh information center which agency maybe all over 500 robocopy scripts (assuming there is single for each server. Robocopy was pickings rough 5 hours to compare differences of 750k files\folders as it had to locomotion across the WAN connectedness to do the comparison. We tested respective other solutions but GS RichCopy 360 endeavour had something that no unity else offered, it had a small agent that we could burden on the address english (free license), this agentive role handled all the communcation and conveyance from the client. This made it so the client on the author auto does not wealthy person to travel crossways the WAN to do the compare. The book of job that took 5 hours with robocopy went down to nether 10 minutes with the gs richcopy 360 enterprise. This characteristic is lone available in enterprise, it is not in standard.

Take advantage of the book licensing in case you are doing multiple servers so you do not accept to earnings the full licence price. it is not advertised on their site that such licensing is offered.

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