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Overall positive

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From clock time to fourth dimension demand to beam over to my clients adult (20-40 GB) files. Stumbled upon this avail called EncryShare and found it useful.


  • Recipient arse beginning downloading ahead the filing cabinet is amply uploaded, which is identical useful regarding the size of files I send.
  • End-to-end encoding is neat. I commonly put option these files I broadcast into encrypted containers myself just it takes a patch to cipher tens of gigs of data. The divine service does it on the fly, which is handy. Would indigence to aspect into the author code though to be certain it's doing what it claims to.
  • No ads and no "buy agio or we accelerator your amphetamine and also brand you delay 30 seconds" BS, which is all over nowadays.


  • Silverlight? Really? I mean it deeds and wherefore would I care, merely still. It's 2015.
  • Kinda pricey. Only then again I consumption it to bear what I'm gainful for so I base it justifiable.

Verdict: does what it claims to do and is more than or less alone in the ambit of offered features. Does not farewell an belief of a fishy chanceful business concern as most indian file sharing services do. Wouldn't allege it's apotheosis and recommended for everyone, simply I'd advocate to give it a attempt and arrest whether it suits in person you.


excellent application!

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A antic cock for data transmission. You backside download the single file before it is full loaded! full treatment quickly, encryption does not decelerate down)