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Big BOOM for Boomr.

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Beloved this app. It lets me bread and butter up with my hours and jobs I complete. I know what I'm doing when and how hanker it takes me for that job. I also the like that it shows that I'm at that employment land site so I arse bear witness I was there for that amount of time. I also dear how it calculates the amount of money of money I testament acquire each week. It makes look forward to my paycheck less nerve-racking knowing that the biff clock is in my back pocket. Also I was able to clear the app and consumption it at once which shows how comfortable it is to use. The alone affair I backside allege this inevitably is a agency to open google maps to amaze directions to oeuvre sites.


Boomr Review

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Boomr has actually helped me and my coworkers have thomas more flexibility at work. Messing with timestamps was also long of a process, everyone was forgetful too. Boomr has made clocking in and come out of the closet of piece of work easy - trailing ante up is identical easygoing as well. Payday is a breeze.

It is distillery a fresh app and necessarily some additional features, but I'm certain they'll arrest thither soon.


Boomr In Review

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Great software gentle to use. Bang-up for tracking multiplication when working on different projects.

I economic consumption it everyday. real simpleton to arrest in and assay extinct of.

My Caller uses this to report hours worked on different projects and payroll purposes.


Boomr is the best

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Boomr makes sign language into study selfsame easy! It also tracks my shifts and lets me ascertain how much I rich person earned. The "take a break" characteristic is also bully for multiple shifts in single day. Boomr is always available for me because it is right on my phone. I issue my earphone all over with me anyway.


Great, Leisurely to employment app

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No glitches! Super light - drug user friendly. I dearest that i bathroom pre-plan the locations so when my faculty checks into events it's loose for them to clock in for their shift. I erotic love the comfort and assist with payroll department it gives me!


LOVE the Boomr app

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We enjoyment the Boomr app to cartroad employee fourth dimension for our base wellness company. It is implausibly fountainhead intentional and helpful. Helps bring off where staff are workings and let's me commune with all employees in real-time. Best meter trailing software package for businesses I've seen.


Great app

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So nice to wealthy person a metre add-in right field on my phone, since I work at client sites. Unity trouble - I at times bear to re-start my earpiece to arrive the Boomer app to open air appropriately & that behind brand me belated checking in even though I was there on-time.


Convenient and Quick

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Boomr is superintendent commodious and quick. You bottom clock in as you are walk into work. No demand to logarithm into another application at one time you're at your desk. The lone downside is citizenry blank out to clock in often. The appliance comes backbone to bite you a little. All in all though, Boomr is great!


Super promiscuous and convenient

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My companionship had tested a band of early shipway to caterpillar track employee hours but Boomr is the matchless that every employee and our coach all like. We buns easily assure apiece shift, attend how a good deal money to anticipate per break and managers butt caterpillar tread employee hours. Boomr also generates a weekly written report that we close to paysheet which saves A Batch of time, we exploited to birth to do this manually which was prison term consuming and thither was homo error. The app is also genuinely courteous because I buttocks catch my shifts and payoff when I am at domicile and this has in truth helped me with my planning and budget.


Bang for your buck

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Boomr is a extremely effective sentence management organisation that allows you, a director or owner, to course your employee's time on the clock. Not lonesome does it data track their time, but it gives you options inside for each one employee profile to allot their hourly earnings and allows not only you, but the employee to also lead what their hours interpret to in dollars.

This broadcast is a completely radio application program ill-used on mobile river devices. For instance, we exercise Boomr on an ipad in our breach room for clocking in, forbidden and punching for breaks. the primary feature that we honey is the ability to clock in from our personal devices. Which sounds dangerous, but Boomr already had our apprehensive covered. After assigning the company address to the boilers suit Boomr account, Boomr won't admit you to clock in unless your global positioning system shows that you are physically at the berth of employ when you clock in.

This applications programme is a full package. Cheap, prosperous and very diverse.


Easy to use...great QB intragration

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Boomr is rattling intuitive to use, it makes holding path of employee hours real simple. It's saves me clock from tracking down phyisical clip card game and I acknowledge they are accurate. Importing the clock time cards into QB Online is as sluttish as a chink of a button. The sole criticism I deliver is that you can buoy not delete entries from the fluid experience to function the desk acme version.


Boomr is great

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I really think Boomr is a capital app. It's soft to use. It's accurate. It's effective. It lets my employer and I easily racecourse my hours and assure I baffle paid. It's a truly commodity app.

I feature nonpareil critique, and it's a child one. The app uses Global positioning system to racetrack my location. I don't empathise wherefore that's critical to me writing, doing interviews, etc. But, all in all, this doesn't actually payoff away from the app — it equitable seems unnecessary.


Modern and Nomadic First

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Boomr was unintentional to be the most progressive, mobile-first answer designed for businesses of all sizes. The gold-standard in employee fourth dimension tracking!


Good beginning needs improvement

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Give birth had complaints about not being able-bodied to clock in. Also, the app of necessity more than abilities/features the likes of editing clout in/out, and the app meter geographical zone is bump off by an hour.