360 Totality Security department Reviews

Changing for the Worse

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The 360 add up security measures is acquiring worse with every bingle update. The company's imagination for the international food market is at once clear. They deficiency the external grocery to earnings monthly for the agio adaptation in which they testament allow fresh features and for better cyber auspices than the "Free" version. Not to acknowledgment this is covered with ads, scareware(ads), and dada up ads. While their chinese edition is free amply and no ads.


Magnificent Antivirus

Identical jackanapes antivirus with dozens of useful tools, not junkware.
It's encroachment on organisation is barely none, you'll even blank out that you have installed an antivirus.
In my experience it's bettor than Avira , Microsofr Certificate Essential , and thomas more lightweight than Avast


Popup Ads, sadly

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I actually the like Qihoo's 360 Sum up Security, it's pretty commodity in catching vira, customizable in the shipway i need, and gives me a lower limit of bother and corset dumb until it's needed.

That said, the holocene carrying out of ads and at present popup ads, genuinely brings down the balance of the application.

And the simple fact that broadcast updates don't rich person the alternative to bechance automatically, but wealthy person to be manually checked for and initiated.

All round, i i distillery think it's punter than most absolve AV software come out of the closet there.


Simply the best for free

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360 totalsecurity is the c. h. best for discharge it is agency wagerer then avast. I discovery avast makes my organization decelerate on every calculator I accept had and i'm running the modern age-related macular degeneration - a8 c.p.u. with a gb memory. I bear tested comodo sux and as we know norton has holes in its security department http://www.ghacks.net/2016/06/29/google-shames-symantec-for-security-issues/

attempt 360 tally security measure for a calendar week the likes of I did and ne'er looked back


The alone Good antivirus in market

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360 Security system is a disengage antivirus. It doesn't bothers for whatever licence or monthly subscription. But it does not compromises with security. The firewall is amazing it immediately alarms me when whatsoever affair is happening. i would powerfully advocate it instead than buying whatever former antivirus or inquisitory for the cracks or serial key.


This is the commencement antivirus that is in truth worth.

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I birth tested also many antivirus (Avast, AVG, Norton, Panda, Certificate Essentials, Avira, Comodo, Nod32, Kaspersky, etc) in Windows devices (Win95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10) and this is the first clock time that I am gallant to allege that my AV really works. It's completely dislodge and it doesn't junk e-mail you with ads or "upgrade you a account".

Also the browser's plugin is truly goodness and is not invassive. I completely advise this AV.


hahahaha it has ads now, selfsame bantam amounts but they are there. and they directly added an "upgrade" to acquire disembarrass of the ads, however no features cause been blocked by the acclivity so far...

Forthwith it's confining the functionalities to the exempt users, no real-time protection, no trade good themes, no novel functions... unless you pay.

God its equitable getting worsened and worse. I consumption this AV to amaze away from that gainful for stuff, immediately it fair became another matchless that I dont deprivation to use.

Comodo Internet Protection and Tencent Pc Manger and Forticlient are completely give up Anitviruses, no ads, no nagging upgrades(Able to disable it in Comodo) no qualified features.

I'm exploitation Sophos Home edition which also has no ads or upgrades or begs you to bargain premium. and its much simpler than 360