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Timehop app breached, 21 bazillion users had information stolen

Published 7/10/2018 by IanDorfman

The latest dupe in a hanker on-going bowed stringed instrument of data breaches, Timehop, an app that showcases users' sociable media posts from former days on a per-date basis, has divided that 21 billion of its users had their information stolen.

In a berth describing the July 4th protection incident , Timehop divided up that "names, e-mail addresses, and some earphone numbers" of those 21 gazillion users were stolen. In addition, the external keys that allowed Timehop to access each user's social mesh profiles from services such as Facebook and Twitter were also stolen. The caller then states, however, that there is "no evidence" that these were keys were exploited for unauthorised account activity.

Small Timehop icon Timehop is recommending users to ambit come out to their mobile armed service providers to adhd a PIN to earpiece book of numbers and implement early security measures to forbid others from highjacking their headphone numbers and mobile river avail accounts. The societal meshing keys that were ill-used for all of its users have been deactivated, so users testament rich person to reauthorize the app for the mixer media platforms of their alternative to bear on exploitation it.

Timehop's data breach comes exactly single calendar month after another service, Small MyHeritage icon MyHeritage , had millions of its users' information compromised .

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