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Facebook is shutting down feather leash apps: Hello, Moves, and tbh

Published 7/6/2018 by IanDorfman

Facebook is closing john l. h. down tercet different apps this month, all exploited for identical different activities and purposes.

In a berth on Facebook's Newsroom, the caller announced that it testament be discontinuing ternary apps, deuce of which were acquired from their archetype developers.

The commencement app is Small Facebook Hello icon Facebook Hello , which launched in 2015. How-do-you-do users could have cartel their earphone contacts with their Facebook friends list in club to commune with everyone from both lists in a uniform fashion. Alternatives such as Small Drupe icon Drupe affair in alike ways.

The arcsecond app is Small Moves icon Moves , which was purchased by Small Facebook icon Facebook in 2014. Moves automatically tracked drill and daily movement, as fountainhead as produced visualizers for action degree timelines and routes interpreted end-to-end the day. Moves volition be discontinued on July 31st, and the functionary internet site has book of instructions on how users arse download their personal activeness history.

The final app is Small tbh icon tbh , which was acquired by Facebook in 2017 and express to users in the United States. The app was geared towards heights school students to anonymously answer polls about friends in shipway that bucked up advantageousness based on what they do well.

The Facebook Newsroom billet states that all drug user data from these ternion apps will be deleted in 90 days. The companionship states that discontinuing these apps bequeath ascertain that it doesn't "spread [its employees] also thin."

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