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YouTube picture-in-picture at present uncommitted for free people for U.S. Android users

Published 6/29/2018 by IanDorfman

U.S.-based Android users that lookout videos on YouTube just don't have a subscription to YouTube Red or YouTube Premium testament directly be able to consumption a long-requested feature.

As earlier ascertained by George Burduli at XDA Developers , users of the YouTube app on Android volition forthwith be able-bodied to economic consumption picture-in-picture functionality. Usable as a on/off switch inside the app, at one time it's activated, it allows users to rich person YouTube videos acting on their Android devices patch exploitation functions exterior of the app, such as browse the Internet.

The john major caution of this characteristic (aside from its currently express accessibility to Android users in the United States) is that it will not employment with copyrighted medicine capacity or if telecasting uploaders adjudicate to not admit it on a per-video basis.

Google details how to activate, deactivate, and employment YouTube's picture-in-picture fashion in a consecrate article on the functionary YouTube Assist internet site .

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