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Yahoo Messenger's closing date is July 17th, redirecting users to Squirrel

Published 6/11/2018 by IanDorfman

The functionary closure day of the month for Yahoo Messenger has been decided, as fountainhead as a Yahoo-hosted alternative chemical group electronic messaging service.

According to Yahoo's official accompaniment internet site article about the discontinuance of Yahoo Messenger , the currently invite-only app Small Yahoo Squirrel icon Yahoo Squirrel is being billed as an choice to the armed service at one time it discontinues on July 17th. Squirrel, which is presently in beta, is a more centered on group conversations in a alike mineral vein to services like Small Discord icon Discord or Small Slack icon Slack , with the ability to create rooms for individual topics.

Outside of Squirrel, Yahoo states that "There currently isn’t a alternate cartesian product available for Yahoo Messenger." For applications with exchangeable functionality (that aren't as grouping focused as Squirrel and its alternatives), ascertain services such as Small Signal icon Signal , Small Telegram icon Telegram , and Small WhatsApp Messenger icon WhatsApp Messenger .

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