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YouTube launched an updated music charts discussion section

Published 5/11/2018 by IanDorfman

YouTube has globally furled come out a fresh euphony charts page.

The page, , gives a comp country-by-country (or global, if users prefer) aspect of the acme songs, big top artists, and circus tent medicine videos on the Internet's most visited telecasting sharing-focused service. Music charts are currently available in 44 countries internationally.

In a YouTube for Artists web log berth by Chris Clark, Product Manager for YouTube Music, the caller cited that YouTube has a ball-shaped monthly userbase of 1.8 1000000000 people. Clark also mentions in the billet that the cover song, artist, and euphony television lists are updated weekly on Sundays at 12 PM/12:00 Pacific Clock time (9 PM/21:00 Central European Summer Time, 8 PM/20:00 British Summer Time).

The companionship as well posted a " YouTube Charts Overview " that reveals how these lists are calculated each week. YouTube promises to adhd more supported countries, sir thomas more charts, and thomas more detailed data added to these lists in the future.

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