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WhatsApp at present supports in-app Facebook and Instagram television playback

Published 5/8/2018 by IanDorfman

WhatsApp directly supports acting videos posted on Facebook and Instagram without having to farewell the electronic messaging app.

This in-app video playback functionality is a john major dance step by Small Facebook icon Facebook , w.h.o. owns all deuce-ace services, to enable users to consumption features of the leash services in a more seamless and exchangeable manner. This has been seen over the past respective months with examination come out features such as the ability to berth Instagram Stories direct to WhatsApp as fountainhead as Facebook/Instagram Stories crossposting .

An update with accompaniment for Small WhatsApp Messenger icon WhatsApp Messenger 's fresh in-app video recording playback characteristic has furled come out of the closet to iOS users just not Android users as of the clock time of this post.

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