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Twitter discloses password exploit bug, recommends watchword change

Published 5/4/2018 by IanDorfman

Twitter has fixed a germ that caused users' passwords to be stored on its servers without whatever encryption.

In a web log berth by Parag Agrawal , Twitter's Chief Technical Officer, the caller has disclosed a glitch that caused passwords to be stored in plaintext data format without whatsoever encoding inside home logging. The sociable mesh did not break how many users were potentially impacted by this bug, just did advocate users modification their passwords as a precautional amount both on Twitter and early sites where users might have the lapp password.

Agrawal claims that Small Twitter icon Twitter has "no cause to believe word data always left Twitter’s systems or was misused by anyone," though this is not a authoritative affirmation that the entropy was not stolen or otherwise accessed. He also recommends utilizing two-factor assay-mark and a countersign coach (such as Small LastPass icon LastPass and Small KeePass icon KeePass ) for users to advance guard their profiles.

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