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  • is a agio bookmark manager. It helps users drop less clock time digging for golf links and thomas more fourth dimension browse them. The cartesian product is rich in features, oblation assorted integrations, a rich people mobile experience, apps for both iOS and Android and browser extensions for both a figure of john major browsers.

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  • EverSync

    Enjoy the access to your dearie sites, bookmarks, tabs from whatsoever calculator and whatever web browser - with perfect ease! Eversync testament donjon your deary capacity inside your contiguous ambit at all times! Features: - All our add-ons are incorporate with Everhelper online access code area.

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    • Cannot have different sets of bookmarks on different computers. Guest • 10 days agone • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • RoboForm

    RoboForm is a proprietary software package countersign management broadcast that syncs passwords 'tween multiple devices. It offers a world wide web anatomy filler that automates parole entering and build fill on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and Edge. RoboForm is also available on Android and iOS. - Password Coach RoboForm remembers your passwords so you don't rich person to. Just call back your matchless Master Watchword and RoboForm remembers the rest.

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    • RoboForm All over allows you to sync bookmarks and passwords crossways all your browsers and devices. Danilo_Venom Apr 2018 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Floccus

    The destination of this labor is to body-build a web browser extension that syncs your browser data with Nextcloud. Historically this was at one time possible exploitation the mozilla sync owncloud app. However, Mozilla tested to ameliorate Firefox Sync and dropped backing for the bang-up API.

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    • It's an open air generator and optionally self-hosted replacement, though it doesn't sync anything but bookmarks currently. Zeklandia 13 years agone Disagree    Agree
  • Bookmarker OS

    Visualize Your Bookmarks It's easier to find a bookmark by visualizing where it is versus having to conjecture with hunt or tags. It as well makes browsing much easier, 'Oh yea, I call up that hilarious gif of a bantam pug-dog in a unicorn costume!' Sort your bookmarks Can't uncovering a bookmarker you open cobbler's last week? Click 'View all' and sorting by conclusion opened. Or maybe you commemorate a bookmark's land site but not the claim name? Assort by domain.

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    • "Currently syncing with your web browser bookmarks is not available," -BookmarkOS faq CePur Mar 2018 • 0 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • Linkman

    Linkman Pro allows for managing large amount of URLs in its possess database. Linkman Pro arse efficiently organize, contemporise and arrest bombastic amounts of links and integrates with Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox. You acquire the capability to export bookmarks in a assortment of formats and even build your have Exportation Templates. Linkman Pro backside grip identical declamatory databases with many thousands of links.

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    • Xmarks just replicates itself in the backcloth into default bookmark organisation in your browser. Linkman has a offprint interface and is a good deal more than complex. Guest • Apr 2017 Disagree    Agree
  • xBrowserSync

    xBrowserSync is a completely discharge and out-of-doors germ cock for syncing your bookmarks and browser information between your diverse browsers and devices. xBrowserSync respects your privateness and gives you complete anonymity — no mansion up is compulsory and no personal data is always collected. It is besides completely secure, your information is encrypted with armed forces class encryption ahead being synced to an outdoors informant xBrowserSync cloud service. Evening if individual intercepted your data, lone you bathroom decipher it.

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    • Patch they call "between browsers" they don't bread and butter Firefox (yet) no acknowledgment of Opera or IR or Edge at all Guest • Apr 2018 Disagree    Agree
    • It's afford reference and behind be self-hosted, addition it has a modern, light-weight structure. Zeklandia 13 days agone Disagree    Agree
  • iCloud Bookmarks

    Keep your Chrome bookmarks on Windows up to appointment with the Safari bookmarks on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. iCloud stores your internet site bookmarks, so they are everyplace you go — on your iPhone, iPad, ipod touch, Mac, and PC. So when it comes to your devices, you bottom electric switch things up without admixture things up. Note: iCloud Bookmarks extension service for Chrome is for Windows 7 and Windows 8. On Windows 8, the iCloud Bookmarks file name extension is compatible with the background fashion of Chrome.

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  • ymarks

    ymarks is a dislodge and give reservoir add-on for several bodoni network browsers with a host component scripted in C that allows you to contemporize your browser's bookmarks with an SQLite3 database that buns be hosted either on your local auto or somewhere in your intranet (or eventide the internet). It is alleged to be a single-user organization in club to abbreviate complexity and addition privacy, but you butt (technically) campaign as many analog instances of ymarks as you like.

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  • Bookmarks Backuper

    Back up all your Chrome bookmarks to Google Drive. Spread and eyeshot in clear data format from whatsoever computer, even out on mobile. Why to back up: * ne'er lose your bookmarks again * authentic Google Drive computer memory for your bookmarks backup, unlimited! * no third-party hosting * wealthy person accession to your bookmarks from whatever device

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    • Lonesome supports Chrome, piece XMarks allows bookmarker syncing 'tween different browsers. Guest • 11 years agone Disagree    Agree
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