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  • Eyeleo

    EyeLeo is a handy PC application that reminds you to proceeds a breach for your eyes. Features: Blind block hanker breaks every hour. Short breaks with...

    Discharge Windows

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  • Clock time Come out

    Break timekeeper with micro-breaks for Mac OS X. It is identical comfortable to autumn into badness habits when exploitation a calculator for hours on end. You attention about what you are doing, so can...

    Freemium Mac

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    • Gives the lapp functionality and improves in some features. davidz Nov 2015 Disagree    Agree
  • Fadetop

    FadeTop is a ocular break monitor for Windows. At fixture intervals, it fades your desktop into a blue color, and displays current time. FadeTop Lets You... *...

    Disembarrass Windows

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  • RSIBreak

    RSIBreak is a small public-service corporation to prompt you to return habitue short circuit breaks. Repetitive Line Harm is an illness which arse come as a consequence of continuous employment with a...

    Disengage Outdoors Informant Linux

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  • Eyes Decompress

    It’s an public utility that helps avoiding eyes-related problems when workings at a computer for respective hours. Concentrating your eyesight on a computing device concealment backside campaign an eye...

    Dislodge Windows

    • Discontinued Web site inaccessible but app distillery available at download sites.
  • SmartBreak

    SmartBreak is a revolutionary bioengineering plan that reminds you to aspect away from your computing machine cover and enforces you to take regular breaks based on your usage.

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows

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  • EyeDefender

    EyeDefender is a freeware ease reminder designed to forbid Data processor Vision Syndrome (CVS) resulting from functional on a electronic computer for hours. CVS symptoms include...

    Liberate Windows

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    • Discontinued The functionary website is no longer available. Last version, 1.09, released in 2008, bathroom be hush downloaded from Wayback Machine.
  • Emanen Motomu

    It is selfsame easy to capitulation into defective habits when victimisation a estimator for hours on end. You care astir what you are doing, so behind sometimes button yourself also far, or over-strain...

    Loose Personal Windows

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    • Discontinued The labor is no thirster developed. Last version, 3.2, released in May 2015, bottom be still downloaded from Codeplex.
  • Relaxation

    Rest is an app for your figurer that keeps you fertile and good for you end-to-end the day. It does so by reminding you to takings a breakage every at once and then, optionally...

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac Windows

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  • AntiRSI

    AntiRSI is a platform for Mac OS X that helps foreclose RSI (repetitive melodic phrase injury) and former information processing system related stress. It does so by forcing you to yield even breaks...

    Commercial Mac

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  • Resto

    „Resto” is a simple applications programme to count the left fourth dimension of your oeuvre and to accept caution of your steady rests.

    Release Give Reservoir Windows Linux

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  • rsiguard

    Remedy Interactive's RSIGuard is an award-winning screen background ergonomic software package answer that reduces insistent melody injuries. Around the globe, wellness and safety...

    Commercial Mac Windows Linux

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Workrave Comments

Qt port

Gossip by TimPl
about Workrave · Aug 2016 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

Whatsoever plans to larboard this app on Qt framework?

You butt arrest my Workrave alternate - Resto (see ). It's not as building complex as Workave itself, but it's scripted entirely in Qt.

Input by dwalkercouk
about Workrave · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful -1 Helpful Paper as spam

Workrave is excessively computer storage hungry for such a bare app.

Its also direction likewise complicated. All you indigence is something which pops up every 20 mins to prompt you to acquire a break.

Dont barren your meter with this - attempt Eyedefender which is 20 multiplication littler and is childlike to use.