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Scuttlebutt by JohnTucker
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WordPress has made it potential for anyone to become a world wide web author. Astonishing software.

Annotate by Pensador
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I had a custom, ad-hoc blogging computer software that I had coded and intentional for my possess needs, but I just couldn't compete with the competent team of developers that is behind Wordpress. I switched to it ashcan school months agone and ne'er looked back.

Gloss by ndecaris
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do what you deprivation : blog, commercial site, ecommerce, .. band of themes, bunch of tools. not the c. h. best for developers, but available for everyone


Wordpress user

Notice by michaelangelo1980
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I am a wordpress drug user it is because wordpress is exploiter friendly. I bottom create amazing blog/website victimisation wordpress, evening eCommerce website.



Point out by alexstocksdale07
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i've put-upon it respective multiplication and has always worked great, it's resign and leisurely to grip


somewhat overrated but alright

Comment by Joseph864
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i wish it because it is simpleton to employment but thither are other alternatives that do the saame affair with to a greater extent features that dont acquire as much attending comparable wordpress. all in all its a good app

Commentary by Ola
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Yes! Wordpress i awesome. And if you lack a bare instal of it locally. Enjoyment