Alternatives to Windows Survive Writer for all platforms with whatever licence

  • Outdoors Alive Author

    Open Bouncy Writer is an surface beginning application enabling users to author, edit, and bring out blog posts. It is based on a branching of the well-loved but not actively developed...

    Free people Afford Generator Windows

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    • It has every feature article I need, and some I accept found useful along the way. C. h. best of all, I don't demand to bargain with that !#&!? MS login which kept me from victimisation Windows Lively Writer. laurabrown Dec 2017 Disagree    Agree
  • MarsEdit

    MarsEdit is a blogging customer for your Mac which lets you issue articles to your web log right from your desktop, without having the indigence of chess opening your entanglement web browser and...

    Commercial Mac OS X

  • Desk

    An award-winning & beloved background publishing client, exclusively for OS X. You are a storyteller, passionate about crafting narratives that capture, express, and...

    Commercial $ $ $ Mac OS X

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  • SeMagic

    Client for LiveJournal, Blogger, Wordpress Double upload to LJ Scrapbook, Flickr,,, Picasa, Yandex Fotki

    Absolve Give Germ Mac OS X Windows Linux Wine

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  • BlogDesk

    Blogging should be simple, but it gets complex and time-consuming if you are dangerous astir it. BlogDesk makes it comfortable to write, speeds up lavish processes and...

    Discharge Windows

    • Discontinued The broadcast is no thirster updated. Last version, 2.8 Build 400, released in February 2009, arse be distillery downloaded from the functionary website.
  • BlogJet

    The near advance Windows blog editor in chief and manager. Get appliance and amphetamine of a aboriginal application, and the ability to compose posts offline.

    Commercial Windows Wordpress

    • Discontinued Last updated 01.03.2013.
  • QTM

    QTM is a blogging guest which is before long able of composing, data format and submitting web log entries to a weblog. QTM will employment with blogs based on nearly of the major...

    Disembarrass Open up Informant Mac OS X Windows Linux

  • Mopress

    MoPress is a blogging node application program developed for mobile phones. It allows a mobile river earphone to emily post a capacity (text, image, audio, video) to a Blog, victimization whatever type of...

    Disengage Spread Origin Java Fluid Blackberry Blackberry 10

  • WebStory

    WebStory comes with a WYSIWYG blog editor program that makes it an deathly utile desktop web log management software program that helps you to write, edit, back up and care multiple...

    Dislodge Windows

    • Discontinued The computer program is no yearner updated. Last version, 5.4, released in September 2012, backside be hush downloaded from the official website.
  • GNOME blog

    GNOME web log is a screen background blogging applications programme for Linux and Unix. Easy and quick to economic consumption to assist you committal to writing your great blog posts. Whatsoever bugs or boast requests should...

    Exempt Spread out Reference Linux

  • Drivel

    Drivel is a GNOME client for working with on-line journals, also known as weblogs or just "blogs". It retains a simple and elegant blueprint patch providing many...

    Give up Unfold Reservoir Linux

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  • BloGTK

    BloGTK is a weblog customer that allows you to emily price post to your weblog from GNOME without the motivation for a offprint browser window. BloGTK allows you to connect with many weblog...

    Liberate Assailable Root Linux

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about Windows Live on Author · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as junk e-mail

Opened populate Writer is based on a fork of the well-loved but not actively developed Windows Subsist Author code

Comment by Lambda
about Windows Survive Writer · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as spam

When it full treatment so seamlessly with Chyrp and looks aborigine in every theme, tell me.