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Comment by Jay_K_Slider
about Vivaldi Browser · Apr 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

I bob hope everyone commenting on this realizes Antonio lucio vivaldi is lone in a tech prevue body politic and nowhere approach finished.


NOT vulnerable to Unicode phishing scam

Comment by garychike
about Antonio vivaldi Web browser · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report card as spam

Vivaldi, although based on Chromium, is not vulnerable corresponding Chrome is to the Unicode school text phishing scam.

Comment by mts1715
about Vivaldi Browser · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

Great web browser for job, especially when you oeuvre with many tabs (it's potential to brand tabs in left english like in firefox, but antonio lucio vivaldi has atomic number 24 engine).

Comment by CodeMouse92
about Antonio vivaldi Browser · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Story as spam

This is my favorite world wide web web browser - I arse custom-make it to aspect and acquit Exactly the agency I want. It also has the c. h. best brook of night GTK themes (on Linux) of any browser I've always used.


Slow to beginning up but...

Comment by niklasbjrkr
about Vivaldi Web browser · May 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

Distillery equitable as good as google chromium-plate and opera house


Another Chromaldi

Comment by Azazel
about Antonio lucio vivaldi Browser and Mozilla Firefox · Feb 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Write up as spam

Guys & gals, there's no demand for any Vivaldis, fair go with FIrefox. Faster than e'er it is now, customizable and heart-to-heart source. What the heck else do matchless indigence from a entanglement browser?
Anyway, I'll be quenched if this undertaking pulls approximately of ChrOpera's blanket.


Firefox is an adequate { good adequate}browser - after i attention deficit hyperactivity disorder several add-ons to catch what Opera had around days ago.

However, Opera house has doomed me with the Chrome-based interlingual rendition - not so a good deal because of the Chrome aspect as because they screwed with the UI in shipway that made it to a lesser extent usable.

Vivaldi, from the archetype Opera team, looks as if it'll at last exchange Opera house 12.6

... and the comeback of things the like the incorporated email node is something that has been absent from bodoni browsers for a patch (Opera pre-12.16/Netscape/Mozilla/SeaMonkey)

I beloved Firefox, I do, but it's just so sloooow by comparability to Opera/Chrome/Vivaldi. I economic consumption it at piece of work and the conflict even in things the likes of pageboy loading, UI responsiveness, etc is noticeable.

Slowness backside be caused by close to extensions. Or, based on my experience, also if you wealthy person installed just about of the "Complete Themes," it bathroom be the cause of UI execution drops.
I accept installed a few extensions (the heaviest of which on scheme resources is Adblock Plus) but hush my Firefox (v.37) performs upright as fasting as any Chromium web browser in footing of both interface and sir frederick handley page burden and interpretation speed. Evening if thither are more or less detectable differences in performance, they are not that important to be the turn breaker point from opensourced and customizable Firefox to fishy and qualified in many slipway Chrome/Opera/Vivaldi.

No, I don't admit that.

"Slowness behind be caused by extensions" is the browser combining weight of "startup apps bottom decelerate down windows startup" which in my feel isn't always the case.

My facility of Opera has a bazaar few extensions and is still as chip and antiphonal as it was when I installed that detail interpretation (beta 29). Multiple versions of Firefox (the a la mode being v39, x64), eventide when no extensions were installed, felt slower and sir thomas more donkeywork by comparison. I can't allege it's gotten a great deal worse. My girl moaned so a lot about it she installed Chromium-plate and even out I was surprised by how lots speedier it was.

I've tested or so of the 'optimised' x64 variants, care Waterfox, but I think it's the fundamental tech. It's glossy and selfsame capable, barely not the quickest.

I aboveboard divided my personal experience; you buns either employment this info to attempt and resolve you issues or donjon exploitation closed-source spyware, it's up to you.
My 2+ geezerhood of observations tell me that to the highest degree of the fourth dimension in club to focal ratio up your Firefox you bear to disable roughly extensions or caper a little chip with the settings, that's it. There is also the hardware factor, obviously. I'm not sure, but Firefox power be using barter file cabinet thomas more actively than RAM in compare with Chrome, so it might control a batch faster on a system installed on an SSD, as in my case. Also some meter agone I exploited to clear my cache when I felt up wish Firefox had gotten slower, and it helped. I believe it was ahead I switched to SSD.

I'm victimisation several different web browser regularly, and Firefox archeological remains my briny and darling nonpareil so far, for assorted reasons. But in my go through it's quite clear the slowest and most resource-hungry of them all, fifty-fifty come out of the box seat without any extensions.

One and only of the main problems with it is that it leaks computer memory right, left field and center, and has done so for as hanker as I butt remember. I'm working a bunch with tabs, commonly anyplace from 5 to a few dozen, and Firefox chow massive amounts of computer storage and quite a merely ne'er seems to free people any of it. The answer is that Firefox inevitably fixture restarts, otherwise it starts freeze intermittently, or bally when it reaches the 32-bit appendage memory limit, which happens quite an a great deal for me. (You buttocks alleviate it fairly by departure to about:memory and manually acting drivel accumulation and freeing fresh memory; eden knows wherefore it never does that automatically, because it's quick and effective.)

I birth about hopes that the multi-process architecture will assuage approximately of those problems, but according to functionary Mozilla statements, it bequeath stillness be a long metre before that makes it into Firefox releases. Chrome does consume it, and prevents the problems I deliver with Firefox, as close a check means everything is in reality gone. At the consequence I'm not certain how Antonio vivaldi handles it, I don't enjoyment it hard enough to bill how it performs in yearn and adult sessions.

We’re not all absolutely mentally limited, dear Azazel.
Mozilla has asleep certifiably mentally insane. Afterward a 3-hour discourse with the capitulum developers, that becomes completely clear.
Firefox ill-used to be astir a minimal core, with level best configurability and every add-on you could not even ambition of.
But it before long became as large and dull as the bang-up Mozilla (SeaMonkey). I didn’t mind, as the add-ons were above and beyond!
But now, more than and to a greater extent bull creeps in, and the developers are haunted with arch the user and assuming he is a complete and emit idiot. … until he actually is!
The lonesome ground anyone is staying with Firefox, is because of those add-ons. Which they are at once laying waste in part too.
Anything that can buoy crack interchangeable configurability, and all the add-ons I experience installed, leave consequence in bloody Firefox execution faster than you canful blink.

Mozilla could allay save itself. By boot come out of the closet the iDiots that are obsessed with reduction and feature on the face of it ne'er heard of the “inner-platform effect” and really genuinely deprivation to make Firefox into a bombastic in operation system of rules that has everything, demur for a goodness browser. And and so by creating a lightweight full configurable centre again, and putt everything else (including WebGL, and like nonsense) into add-ons where it belongs.

Vivaldi, on the early hand, is on the up incisively because it contains all those things that Firefox badly cloned from Opera. Including tabs, shiner gestures (that are in reality not stuttering, yes, lamb Mozilla!), but also the whippersnapper congress of racial equality with a focus on configurability.
Might be not thither yet, but it very acquit where things are going to be in a few years.

Well army of the pure me know when it's "there", OK? Until then I'm jutting with FF; and not exactly because of the addons but because of the boilers suit UX, which is molded by many fiddling (and not so much) things that hyperkinetic syndrome up. Besides, they are bringing in novel features as we address , and give birth already introduced a pretty solid subscriber mode. I trust that's what many citizenry do on the internet -- they interpret stuff, right?

@Azazel: You mean that dead absurd unexampled UI that distant the menu, condition bar, etc, in favor of pill nonsense? If you believe those changes “add up”, and so there actually is no hope for you, and I moldiness accept you’re a bighearted Apple fan.
And I articulate that as someone, w.h.o. also calm uses Firefox, but only for lack of a better choice.

What bill of fare are you talk about? The peerless that shows up with Alt keystroke? And Apple fans exercise Safari and Chrome, I'm really having a backbreaking prison term agreement what the blaze are you talking around there...

FIrefox is the browser i RELUCTANTLY function if Opera house 12.7 can't grip a page.

No former web browser has caught up to Opera 12 all the same (including the matter currently called Opera).

Vivaldi is the closest to Opera house Classic, and it's not thither yet.

[Edited by horkstowe1, March 21]

More than an substitute to Chrome, in my belief it is evening higher-up to this, improving in behemoth stairs in each update. Thanks also to an extraordinarily active community.
I consider it the charles herbert best browser I've ever time-tested

@Azazel: Precisely. You have got a concentrated sentence understanding. As yet you loose your back talk in brassy confidence. Dunning-Kruger burden in action.

I call back that everyone has their preferences and necessarily and although Antonio lucio vivaldi offers sir thomas more possibilities and functions than any other browser, it does not mean value that he has to comparable it thomas more for this.
Regarding the hurrying to aver that Firefox is faster is a myth, WebKit at this compass point is constantly faster by pre-rendering the pages that commode be increased in Antonio vivaldi eventide more than with the power to hole up and stacking the tabs, apart to be able to shop 2 or to a greater extent pages at a time in arial mosaic view.
Regarding concealment is Vivaldi at the lapplander degree as Firefox, even out more with the in style updates for aught beneficial from Mozilla.
You crapper arrest the differences on pages corresponding Panopticlick and Html5 Test.

Welcome Vivaldi

Comment by RoseMerlin
about Antonio lucio vivaldi Web browser · Apr 2015 · Helpful Not helpful -3 Helpful Written report as junk e-mail

But, it substance additional browser to test...


No, I don't call up there's any essential to exam in every Atomic number 24 browser. Unitary (Chrome) should do for all of them.

@ Azazel, that's what I cerebration as well - but then a client noticed that Torch was interpreting their web site incorrectly. Specifically, the backcloth was extinct of billet and, in their words, "there's a albumen barroom at the bottom of the page." Google Chromium-plate rendered the website as intended, and so did every early web browser I had tested it on.

Interesting... Thanks for the heads-up