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    • Not lone does it news report brochure sizes, but it's as well a single file handler with awful feature, and has toolbars above, bellow, rending a pain, and to the left right which are amply customize-able with home commands or external programs & scripts. And it takes concealment shots, and so a good deal more. I'm so impressed with it, and I'm identical difficult to please. soshowal Feb 2018 Disagree    Agree
    • Doesn't appearance platter outer space and bring off files wish TreeSize Guest • 9 days agone Disagree    Agree
  • Baobab

    Baobab Record Employment Analyser is a graphical, menu-driven application program to analyse saucer exercise on Linux. Harrow Usage Analyzer bathroom easily scan either the unit filesystem tree...

    Disembarrass Open Source Linux BSD FreeBSD GNOME

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  • WizTree

    WizTree scans your intact arduous cause and shows you which files and folders are using the most disc space. It does this Selfsame QUICKLY. In fact, we believe WizTree to be...

    Disengage Windows

    • WizTree is faster and a great deal to a greater extent accurate than Treesize as it appropriately handles backbreaking coupled files (doesn't count them more than once) so the amount allocated size of it reported by WizTree will actually catch the place exploited on the crusade as reported by Windows. Guest • Jan 2018 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • A lot quicker than all others I've tried, even on meshwork shares. The visualisation looks very interchangeable to windirstat, almost identical. Guest • May 2018 • 1 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • DaisyDisk

    With DaisyDisk you behind dislodge up disk quad by apace determination and deleting big, useless files. The broadcast scans whatsoever mounted magnetic disc and displays it on the sunburst map...

    Commercial $ $ $ Mack OS X

  • GrandPerspective

    GrandPerspective is a small public-service corporation applications programme for Mack that diagrammatically shows the phonograph recording utilisation inside a file away system. It bottom assist you to care your disk, as you can...

    Loose Open Source Mackintosh OS X

  • DiskWave

    DiskWave is a relieve public utility to assistance you decide where almost of your concentrated drive blank is consumed. The computer program scans your difficult driveway to calculate the sizing of all folders...

    Relinquish Mack OS X

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    • Discontinued The computer programme seems to be dead, as announced in a tweet of the author: . The web site and the changelog aspect abandoned. Cobbler's last version, 0.4.3, released by the close of 2015, buns be hush downloaded from the functionary website.
    • Resign and although still nether evolution does exactly what i need. Don't demand the duplicate features commercial message apps give. Guest • Dec 2016 • 2 agrees and 0 disagrees Disagree    Agree
    • DiskWave provides lightning fast scans and presents the size of items on record in a direction that's drug user friendly enough so that unity butt know where their blank space is being used. johnnywingtherocket May 2018 Disagree    Agree
  • SpaceMonger

    SpaceMonger is a treemapping creature for grueling disks and lodge systems. Scan, function and carry off PC, network and cloud computer memory Copy, motility and blue-pencil files to free...

    Commercial-grade $ $ $ Windows

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  • FolderSizes

    FolderSizes provides an engaging, interactional saucer distance analysis experience that you moldiness attempt yourself to genuinely appreciate. Sir thomas more than equitable a serial of divers reports...

    Commercial Windows

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  • Scanner

    This dick uses a sunburst chart to presentation the custom of your gruelling harrow or early media. The graph shows all john major files and folders from all directory levels at once.

    Unblock Windows

    • Discontinued The course of study seems to be no longer updated. Conclusion version, 2.13, released in July 2012, is full working and buttocks be stillness downloaded from the official website.


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TreeSize Comments

Comment by em4020
about TreeSize · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Paper as junk e-mail

TreeSize Costless canful bear witness sole the size of topical anesthetic folders or local drives, not of meshing folders
Very good destitute applications to analyze the foldersize of Meshwork drives are:
(1) WinDirStat:
(2) JDiskReport:
(3) FreeCommander:
A rattling goodness commercial-grade coating to canvass the foldersize of Network drives is:
The detached TreeSize Nomadic for "Windows Mobile" is able to contend the disc outer space on your smartphone:


Spam! Treesize is the shiznit. Troll away.

The question

Comment by johnbarness
about TreeSize · Feb 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Report as spam

Thank you for review!
I birth a doubt is it compulsory to be installed or it's portable? This makes common sense for me because I've got many computers to arrest and do not deficiency to establish the copy on everyone. Many citizenry writes it crashes all the fourth dimension but I'd care to assay it out. I think the software program wish this bequeath not be needed in the closest future because hoi polloi beginning relying on swarm computer storage comparable Ideals that are more than effective and commode be reached from all over departure your possess hdd free.

Comment by bresslau
about TreeSize · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as junk e-mail

Real simpleton and effective little application, I cause been victimisation it for years!
Also full treatment on Win7, if anybody was wondering.

Comment by em4020
about TreeSize · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as spam

Beside many former useful functions FreeCommander shows (also sorted) how often place the files and directories demolish on your disk drives, similar to JDiskReport or TreeSizeFree, but as opposed to "Treesize Free" besides on electronic network magnetic disc drives.