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Just matchless word

Comment by JohnAlternate
about TiddlyWiki · Jan 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Once you either
want to insert a characterization in your note, or
amount of notes gets past tense issue 100

you volition chop-chop actualize wherefore this is decidedly Not a good choice.

For creating an intra-web wiki, which is somehow selfsame focussed and express to amount of articles - this is okay-ish.

But for banknote taking application? Ever seen a 15 Megabyte (and increasing) large HTML, full of Javascript and pictures in offprint folders ?! Yeah.


TiddlyWiki is a unity hypertext markup language file, equitable like a entanglement page... actually, you bathroom allege it is a web page but you behind computer storage it locally or on-line (..or on a USB control stick or email, etc, etc).

For this reason, fair the like a webpage, it is not isaac mayer wise to attempt to embed images in the very document. Instead just connexion to images super easily, for case exploitation [img[http://...]] or to a local anaesthetic file.

And regarding "amount of notes" - you bottom typically rich person several thousands without problem.

What has kept my possess interest in TiddlyWiki complete the geezerhood is its incedible customizability. You buns enjoyment it as a notebook or easily custom-make it into former types of especial CMS applications.

its a self-modifying JS-powered webpage alright.

For this rattling reason, it does not broadcast the pages on multiple html documents and JS starts to display the effects for heights bill count. As well the burden of adult text, documents will be rendered decelerate on the screen. It besides requires you to wealthy person a browser running to exercise it. Storing images in local anesthetic booklet is what I did, but they are distillery stored aside from notes by the nature of engine.

Personally, the consecrate billet fetching applications the likes of KeepNote beat it, if offline cognitive operation is not required. The standalone wikis beatnik it, because they circularise the cargo better and call for much to a lesser extent JS.

However, if Wysiwyg data formatting butt be replaced with pseudo-text variant, for example:

  • bold *, ! warning, BIGFONT, :header 1, ::header 2, url:link, °##tag1, °##tag2

apparently aught beat generation the amphetamine and chasteness of text notes for personal notetaking.

I wrote my have parser for tags in bash, frankincense I acquire extremist fast searches, whilst the notes accept sufficient markup and lower limit on ram/dependencies.

[Edited by JohnAlternate, October 30]

this is a newer me. and yes, been there, even ill-used markdown.
the best method is actually ODT/LibreOffice and fulltext batch lookup of all ODTs via a script.
it gets c. h. best of all worlds together.

Comment by subduedreader
about TiddlyWiki · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

It is real crossbreed chopine and doesn't affiliation you to whatsoever software, though it does bear about bother with Firefox, though thither is an annex for that.

Comment by Mustachio
about TiddlyWiki · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

I care this as a personal wiki. Everything saves to nonpareil hypertext mark-up language indian file with one and only coffee file. The port is clean and everything full treatment nicely the lone drawback is that it doesn't aspect quite wish a Wikipedia or interchangeable site. Also, for approximately reason, around of the language is changed ('pages' are referred to as 'tiddlers')