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TerraCopy exploited to work, at once equitable buggy

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The updates that was made, made this broadcast identical fluid and unusable. I had to electric switch back to Windows Explorer.


Consistently Unstable

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I've tested exploitation TeraCopy on & bump off for days and it's always given me issues. Would not advocate using this software at all (stable or beta).

I testament annotation that it has been less horse barn on Windows 10 than in former versions of Windows.

The most annoyance aspect of this computer program is that when a conveyance book of job fails, it doesn't allow whatever form of workaround.

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Cannot actually apprehend it's uses. I know it's a Freemium cartesian product but the features on this affair that are available constantly Crash for me. The the agio characteristic which are not uncommitted don't adhd up. Roadkill's unstoppable copier is much better tbh. Fair my belief come out of the closet there, I'm a beginner kind of bozo w.h.o. is felicitous with simple clobber but with compact abilities. I suck at authorship reviews also

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I demand a CLONE of this for Linux !!!

arse individual breaker point me to a site the like Alternator,

that list extinct the most-wanted-alternative-from-windows-to-linux?



After a update having issues cope files to a dis...

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After a update I'm at present having issues coping files to a disc with it.