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Comment by djreed09
about Sumo · Oct 2014 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Download "SUMo Lite", to amaze only this app, with no extra software system bundled in the installer.

I hint adding reprint Alternator debut for "SUMo Lite"? I am not indisputable if beneficial. What do the sir thomas more experienced users believe of that? Would that help, or not charles frederick worth it? Would that admit safely having a itemisation that is not flagged, with epithet of the recommended download/item name/title?

Pay attending on the archetype creator/developer/publisher (KC Softwares) download site, they display respective download options (bundles/packages) for the lapp item/product/title (with icons/images, attend the icons caption for meaning).

The Sumo Light alternative is sole their computer software program, with no spear carrier package bundled. (What we actually want.)

The supernumerary software is wherefore this is flagged hera as fishy or potentially harmful. I would delineate the additional software package as potentially unwanted, basically adware or marketing software program (which english hawthorn acquire custom & statistics info too).

In accession to "Relevant Knowledge" (RK) adware, I call back they also big bucks excess software system OpenCandy. If you arrest the "SUMo lite" download, you annul extra/additional bundled software.


Recommended with all bodoni 24-hour interval computer software installers -
Always blue-ribbon & go done all the options, avert equitable doing the default set up (recommended, express, simple, etc.).
Install(er) options corresponding custom, options, advanced, etc.

So you backside catch all the potential options, including whatsoever displayed redundant package you deprivation to not establish (opt out, unselect, decline, etc.).

Pay attention to the displayed options, & adjudicate what you lack & do not want, & how you need the instal to be done, & alteration settings/options as needed.

This whitethorn issue thomas more time, effort, evaluation, & decisions, all the same I call up it is worth it. So many software installers include extras that you crataegus laevigata not want, pickings the fourth dimension to do this gives you level best ascendance over what is installed or now, & how. Some software package installs spare software program with no choice; however many do have options & choices, if you choice the install options that show you all the possible options/choices.
I intimate a best drill in bodoni font multiplication is for everyone to go through all the options & choices, like an advance user. Gone are the years where it is condom for a fixture drug user to choose the default option or simple install.
Plus you arrive a chance to check all the options for the software system you are expecting, & come across the provided options. You crataegus oxycantha neediness a change in how the put in is done or the settings, by default.


Much resign computer software is compensated or gets income from the special bundled software, when installed & especially when campaign or used. It bathroom assist backing the cost of developing, maintaining, & distributing.


Payoff annotation that aged comments comes from times when thither was solitary Sumo and Sumo NoRK. Sumo NoRK at first hadn't whatever adware and they they added some. At once Sumo Lite is that single which is fine.

Comment by DevilishVicious
about Sumo · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

Main interpretation of Sumo packs Adware, so set up the "SUMo Lite" reading instead. It's Adware unblock and deeds great.

Comment by Nishidake
about Sumo · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

To clarify, I elected Not to establish the RK stuff. It did anyway. Then it started nerve-racking to highjack my browser settings. I ended up having to manually remove register entires to baffle disembarrass of it at one time and for all. It genuinely gets it's hooks into your system. Not the case of package whatsoever reputable developer's coating should be holding caller with nether whatever circumstances. And it's silly to blame the exploiter and allege 'oh fountainhead you behind fair download the rendering WITHOUT malware if you privation to'. They shouldn't be bundling nasties with their cartesian product anyway!

Comment by joshas
about Sumo · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

If you don't motivation RK, you bottom download the standalone (zip) translation or sumo_lite.

Comment by Nishidake
about Sumo · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

Exploited to be a nice art object of software before they bundled it with malware from Relevant Knowledge