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Comment by TimPl
about stretchly and Workrave · Jun 2017 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

No AFK detection? Thats bad. Workrave john to that.


"monitor organisation idle multiplication for cancel breaks" is a background that's on by default on pageboy 3 of the settings window.

Nice, give thanks you! Downloading...

I don't know how fountainhead it's working, it has stillness been order me to acquire breaks when not victimisation the computer, but it hasn't actually bothered me. It might be a doubt of how long you've been inactive, not certain how it works.

One affair I compliments I could however, is customising the messages I get. Maybe I should attention deficit hyperactivity disorder that to my review.. But boilers suit I'm very felicitous with this software, it deeds for me, and I keister advocate it :)