Alternatives to Hatful Commute for all platforms with whatever licence

  • Quora is a question/answer armed service allowing users to affectation questions that other users behind answer, apiece dubiousness and result bottom have comments, for each one users buns compose one...

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    • also closed, userinterface a band less clear than early alternatives Guest • Mar 2018 Disagree    Agree
  • Question2Answer

    A Q&A site helps an online community to part knowledge. No affair what your area of interest, citizenry with questions butt acquire super answers fast. Question2Answer is a...

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  • Yahoo! Answers

    Yahoo! Answers is a agency to discovery and percentage information. You buttocks demand questions on whatsoever topic, arrest answers from real number people, and ploughshare your insights and experience.

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  • Askme

    Startups arrive your queries answered by the World's Top Investors and Entrepreneurs. Startups + Investors +Entrepreneurs Connect.

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  • AskBot

    Askbot is a Q&A system, the like StackOverflow, Yahoo Answers and some others. Askbot is based on code of CNPROG, earlier created by Mike Chen and Sailing Cai and...

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  • OSQA

    OSQA is the free, open air generator Q&A organisation you've been wait for. Your OSQA situation is thomas more than equitable an FAQ page, it is a full-featured Q&A community. Users...

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  • Bitfortip

    Bitfortip offers a alone consumption case thanks to Bitcoin. Economic consumption Bitfortip to: Find a detail (i.e. a apparel ) that you adage on a magazine,website, Pinterest or Instagram and...

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  • Know whatever more than alternatives to Heap Exchange?

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  • Coordino

    Coordino allows you to create a enquiry and solution organization for you and your users to enjoy. Whether you are look to create a corner head and solvent locate for...

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They backup their community of interests of contributors and wealthy person certify footing that allow the content to be redistributed.