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  • CPU-Z icon


    CPU-Z is a freeware system profiler (system monitor) application for Microsoft Windows (for all versions from 95 on) that detects the central processing unit, RAM...

    Free people Windows Android

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  • GPU-Z icon


    GPU-Z is a jackanapes public-service corporation intentional to give you all data about your telecasting add-in and GPU. The application program supports ATI and Nvidia cards. The information...

    Discharge Windows

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    • Speccy is a discharge aggregate system of rules profiler. CPU/GPU-Z products alone profile CPU/GPU. Guest • Nov 2017 Disagree    Agree
  • AIDA64 icon


    AIDA64 offers a dispatch band of tools to benchmark, overclock, monitor, fine-tune, and trouble-shoot Windows based desktop and mobile river computers. .

    Commercial Windows Android iPhone Windows RT Android Tablet Windows Phone iPad Tizen OS

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  • Hardinfo

    Hardinfo is a arrangement entropy and bench mark dick for Linux. It shows detailed organisation info, including hardware, environment, and kernel. It arse consumption lm_sensors and ACPI...

    Disembarrass Open Source Linux Xfce

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    • Discontinued The labor is no longer developed. Last version, 0.5.1, released in April 2009, backside be distillery downloaded from SourceForge.
    • detects cpu, ram. if you are exploitation linux on an bang-up pc or netbook it is an alternative but not as commodity Guest • Aug 2016 • 3 agrees and 1 disagrees Disagree    Agree
  • I-Nex

    I-Nex is an applications programme that gathers info for computer hardware components usable on your organization and displays it using an drug user interface exchangeable to the popular Windows...

    Disengage Open air Source Linux

    • Where i belive Speccy to be better you testament not discovery bettor substitute for linux. wookahn624 Apr 2017 Disagree    Agree
  • CUDA-Z

    This broadcast was born as a burlesque of another Z-utilities such as CPU-Z and GPU-Z. CUDA-Z shows some basic information astir CUDA-enabled GPUs and GPGPUs. It deeds with...

    Dislodge Out-of-doors Source Mac Windows Linux

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  • WinAudit

    WinAudit is an armory public utility for Windows computers. It creates a comp news report on a machine's configuration, hardware and software. WinAudit is free, open...

    Exempt Outdoors Source Windows

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  • SIW

    SIW is an forward-looking Scheme Selective information for Windows instrument that gathers elaborated data around your system properties and settings and displays it in an extremely...

    Commercial Windows

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  • PC Adept

    From the makers of CPU-Z, the PC Champion is among the most in advance system of rules entropy programs on the market. PC Genius 2008 is a brawny public utility company unintentional especially...

    Liberate Windows

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    • Discontinued No thirster kept up per bill on functionary site:
  • Sysinfo

    sysinfo is a graphic pecker that is able to display about computer hardware and software package info about the calculator it is campaign on. It is able-bodied to accredit information about:...

    Loose Surface Source Linux

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  • SiSoftware Sandra

    SiSoftware Sandra (the Arrangement ANalyser, Symptomatic and Reporting Assistant) is an selective information & diagnostic utility. It should allow about of the information...

    Relieve Personal Windows

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Speccy Comments

Gossip by RoastedBanana
about Speccy · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

Goodness and nifty program. It wasn't able to detect the demand exemplar of my Intel onboard nontextual matter chip, though. It only displayed the contemporaries of that chip.

Input by Flip
about Speccy · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

The sole downside is that the reputation is in approximately proprietary data format and there's no alternative to mark it. I indigence service program that produces a schoolbook data formatting so I behind comparability different PC's or ahead / after reports english by side. its great fast , small , portable.