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open source?

Comment by disembodied spirit
about Simplenote · Feb 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

so this is not actually heart-to-heart source? only the app clients are loose informant and not the origin code creditworthy for all the actual features and processes which ability the app?


The codification is opened source, but sole for the Android, MacOS and iOS platforms . So not for everything. More than than that, thither are former parts of the divine service which are not overt source. And on big top of that their privateness insurance policy is astir the lapplander as every other proprietary US-based service.

hmm, so are there whatever alternatives you would advocate which are receptive reference and able-bodied to consumption on mobile?

Do you mean Android? Try Turtl . I fair wrote a little comparability of Simplenote and Turtl on Simplenote's critical review tab. Turtl is distillery in beta but it does everything Simplenote does demur it's got end-to-end encryption. Might oeuvre for you.

Not an opensource application

Comment by thierryl
about Simplenote · Jan 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Paper as spam

Altough, this applications programme is mentioned as open-source, it's not.
The help is centralised and no acknowledgment on its licensing is provided on the functionary site.

Ok, thither are approximately clients promulgated on Github nether a resign permit here: .
But that doesn't mean value i behind audit the host code, alter it and redisribute in the common sense of the OSI definition ( )

I could drop a line an open-source guest for Instapaper (It's at present unblock in an limitless version).
Would it entail that it's directly an opensource software program ?
To acquire tangible opensource alternatives to Evernote, delight issue a aspect at Laverna or Paperwork for instance.

So please, edit the certify airfield and bent Unfreeze or FREEMIUM alternatively

[Edited by thierryl, January 07]


I agree. I've submitted an edit out to change the licence category from 'Open Source' to 'Free'. Let's catch of the Alternator admins accept it.

Simplenote does not economic consumption double files. (.jpg, .png, .gif, etc...)

Comment by bandai-anime000000
about Simplenote · Nov 2016 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful Report as junk e-mail

Simplenote is a identical nice app. Fast, Intuitive, Clean, Syncronize.
But unitary badness breaker point that does not employment effigy files.

Comment by tomasradej
about Simplenote · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful Report card as spam

Selfsame fast and very sleek. Does aught but shop your notes in knit text edition + supports tags. I dear it, both the on-line coating and the iPhone app. Ad-supported (but in settings it says Display Ads: Off ???).