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Comment by joaosilva
about Simkl · Apr 2015 · Helpful Not helpful 3 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

If you are looking for an alternative to trakt ( about multitude are running game from the novel edition ) and letterboxd ( paying?... bha. ) this is the topper place.

unloosen imdb import, barren stats! selfsame bang-up calendar and an deathly fountainhead made browser to find all the movies and bear witness you testament always need.


A batch on the situation doesn't appear to be working yet. I kept acquiring the content 'coming soon'.
A barren of time...

Simkl volition have a subscription-based model, so at least approximately things won't be free. Mabye around of the clobber that is complimentary right at present will no longer be so when the software package heads come out of Alpha and Beta phases. Their (cancelled) Kickstarter campaign, for example, included a $99 grade that included 5 days VIP subscription, which the description aforementioned would otherwise be a bunch to a greater extent expensive.

That beingness said, I'm having the lapp problem as wallpaperflower. For instance, I tested downloading the Alpha scrobbler, but lone amaze a blank page.

you are altogether wrong. I radius with the almighty and he aforesaid anything users economic consumption directly is costless forever.

Thank you for the additional selective information – although, could you allow a connectedness to a root for that?

And, fair to be pedantic, that doesn't brand me "totally wrong", it doesn't even make me more or less damage ;) I mentioned that (a) thither bequeath be a nonrecreational subscription, which stillness seems to be the plan, and (b) that it might be compulsory for close to features that are destitute right field now. I haven't seen whatsoever rootage indicating that, and didn't call so; good that it's theoretically possible.

@Anamon Hi, I am a developer at Simkl. And army of the pure me address just about of your concerns.

It's been 3 geezerhood since your "it leave be paid" comments, and during that meter Simkl was the lonesome locate among alternatives that did not rich person a paid option. It was Constantly Detached and had ZERO ads for logged in users all these years.

We're building Simkl with the community in mind, and we invariably hear to what our members deprivation and are devising the place and apps about community of interests requests. Feel devoid to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ballot for your ideas on how we buns ameliorate Simkl at and articulation our residential area Discord host .

We architectural plan to wealthy person an additional nonrecreational alternative for supporters only to be able-bodied to body-build unexampled features that call for more budget. All the features and apps that are presently uncommitted on Simkl testament always be free.

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I've sole been exploitation SIMKL for 4 months now, I believe, and the VIP options, from what Andrew himself has pointed come out of the closet during my inquiry, volition be duplicate features besides the current full general cognitive operation of the website.
As for the actual nowadays features, they are also many to count, and many sir thomas more existence added frequently, for deterrent example in there few months we got countdown timers, young critical review improvements, comment/memo changes (from requests), optimizations of the chrome tracker, and the Android/iOS apps, which also got more or less freshly features added to them (new sources to arrest elaborate descriptions, such as AniDB).
Andrew and Ishika, the developers of the web site and apps are constantly active on Discordance and they clear whatever issues or wishes that the users whom join the server ask out of them. Thither are channels for coverage bugs and these also arrest resolved in to a lesser extent than 12h.
In other words, I don't know how it was back in 2015, but now, in 2018, SIMKL and the squad behind it allow for the outdo tracker for all my entertainment.

Thanks for the data direct from the source, Andrew! It's commodity to acknowledge that you don't design to enquire a subscription bung for the electric current feature set. Forthwith if there will also be a feature article to export one's personal data stored with Simkl, I mightiness give it another try, as well :)

Just to clarify again, with my c. w. post in 2015 I didn't designate to criticise Simkl for planning a paid subscription, nor to connote that features bequeath be interpreted away from the gratis tier. I was solitary pointing extinct that a nonrecreational level had been announced, but no details astir what would be paid and what would be gratuitous (at to the lowest degree not that I could uncovering backbone then). The design was to tell electric potential newly users to dungeon that in brain ahead they curl themselves into a detail service, by disbursal a caboodle of campaign fill it with their data.

Our briny destination is to spring the exemption to employment your data where e'er possible without locking you into one and only service. You butt Exportation your data by downloading a backup man hera or by accessing the API . You buttocks also consequence your data from 9 different services to Simkl at .

That is very applaudable and awesome, Andrew, give thanks you! Deuce thumbs up :)