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Seafile's encrypts file away content but not metadata. Use with Cryptomator for Dropbox-beating privacy.

Comment by JohnFastman
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Seafile should be congratulated for oblation optional client-side encoding of a booklet you might deficiency to sync. This is good because the files are encrypted on your calculator ahead they are uploaded, which means that they are not clear to Seafile or anyone w.h.o. mightiness approach their servers (legally or illegally). This makes your data more than ensure and private than you amaze with Dropbox, GoogleDrive, Boxful or OneDrive.


You should acknowledge that the encryption the Seafile software package provides encrypts the lodge contents lone and not the name, register size, brochure anatomical structure or the appointment whatsoever detail data file was modified. This is a limit if you deprivation to forbid anyone acquisition what files you have, even if they can't read the contents.


A goodness answer is to brace Seafile's divine service with an open-source encoding broadcast the like Cryptomator . The cause for this is that Cryptomator provides a selfsame simple agency to cipher your data on your computer before it syncs, but it does code the file names, folder bodily structure and other metadata. Cryptomator is as well preferable for this design over competitors the likes of BoxCryptor because it is relinquish and spread out source, and consequently its code bottom be inspected to ascertain that the encryption is enforced correctly.

Reply and are different things

Comment by JohnFastman
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I power be damage here, but it seems that, originally, Seafile was an companionship that provided both the unfold seed software program called Seafile (a host software system and the guest that dialogue to it to synchronize files), and besides it offered a help for a bung that exploited this computer software to memory files on their server. The amount bundle was hence something care Dropbox, but with an assailable source server/client software. The company had a German and a Chinese branch.

In the summertime of 2016 , the German and Chinese parts somehow disagreed with each other. They went their offprint ways. The Chinese sleeve ( ) distillery offers downloads of Seafile the software, different versions at different prices . The German weapon ( ) offers a sync inspection and repair (like Dropbox) that uses this package (at least the client), which you buns download from them when you mansion up. They have promised to branching the software and acquire it independently. is an excellent, fasting and various Dropbox alternative. Your files testament be stored nether German jurisdiction. At the meter of committal to writing 500GB cost lonesome 5 Euro (approx. $5 USD). The node software package is very versatile, allowing you to synchronise multiple different folders and apportion them with early users.

Use it with Cryptomator to arrest end-to-end encoding and thence additional privacy.

What about ?

Again, I could be legal injury but it seems that is a area under which ran a hosted server. They allege that registrations for that are at once closed:

But do crack hosted storage/sync and the seafile client whole caboodle with that equitable amercement on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Comment by arnolem
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Rattling clean, trade good background integration, resign and candid author (self-hosted).