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Popcorn Time comes backrest (with MPAA Domain?)

Comment by Danilo_Venom
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Most master copy developers wealthy person left field the project, but Popcorn Clip is binding again.



Why are Alternator admins devising assumed and alarmist statements about this application?

Comment by UniverseMan
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When you chink the connectedness to the website, this comes up:

We accept received reports that this applications programme crataegus laevigata be dangerous. See gossip from our admins below:

It's exploitation p2p, that means it's illegal.

What?? Wow. Where does single even begin?

  1. "Dangerous"? I might fairly accept that substance the coating is a dardan horse, spyware, etc. Is that what is being alleged? Because certainly you're not calling something "dangerous" just because it threatens motion-picture show studios' profits.

But more importantly...

  1. "It's using p2p, that means it's illegal." Excuse me?? The covering itself is illegal ? Meaning what? I'm break a constabulary by downloading it to my computer? And moreover, you are apprisal me that whatsoever diligence that uses p2p applied science is illegal by chastity of that unity fact? The brain reels.

What in the cosmos is departure on here? The arcsecond affirmation is apparently false, the first base argument is believably false, and both statements are needlessly alarmist. If you feel the demand to allege something astir piracy, how approximately something like, "This lotion crataegus oxycantha be ill-used to illegally find copyrighted material. Be aware of the laws in your jurisdiction and the electric potential consequences of breakage them."

This is genuinely disappointing, and I bob hope it's the employment of a knave admin and testament be undone.

delete : Thank you for eliminating the worst character of it. "May not be safe" and "may be dangerous" I think distillery connote the computer programme english hawthorn directly damage the user's data or privacy.

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I altogether agree. p2p is not illegal as such. Alarmist, and factually incorrect. Copying from wikipedia:
"The deed of indian file sharing is not illegal and peer-to-peer networks are put-upon for decriminalise purposes. The effectual issues in single file communion affect violating the pentateuch of copyrighted material. Most discussions around the legality of charge share-out are implied to be close to alone copyright material. Many countries bear bazaar economic consumption exceptions that licence express employment of copyrighted cloth without acquiring permission from the rights holders. Such documents admit commentary, news reporting, enquiry and scholarship. Right of first publication torah are territorial- they do not broaden beyond the district of a particular body politic unless that commonwealth is a company to an international agreement. Most countries today are parties to at least matchless such agreement."

tl;dr , at once victimisation the warning provided by Popcorn Fourth dimension itself: "Downloading copyrighted fabric whitethorn be illegal in your country. Enjoyment at your possess risk."

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