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Google, I moldiness bracken up with you.

Comment by dawnattridge
about Picasa · Aug 2016 · Helpful Not helpful 11 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

Finding a true up alternate for Picasa/picasaweb albums has been frustrating. I tactile property betrayed by google, 16+ geezerhood firm assistant and they bastard buns as yet some other avail I ill-used heavily. It saddens me that you butt not bank on a caller as large as Google to payoff attention of the users that have supported them to the top. I rich person recommended google for so many things over the years. Leaving microsoft, firefox, motorola, adobe and w.h.o. knows how many early services behind to blend my data and my work flow into a google world. I stood by them, I recommended to class and friends, I was activated to purchase your products and bestow them into my base and worklife.

At once I expression at my Android Nexus, chromecast, chromium-plate browser, gmail, drive, and my chromebook with disgust. Shame on you Google. I followed you down a itinerary deep into a building complex cosmos of corrupting standards. Google's breeding from garage to glory, with its brobdingnagian offerings was refreshing. I watched as Google tested so many different markets all over the long time push the limits to fill voids in this cyber landscape. Google gave the close exploiter fresh experiences, quicker, cleaner, dependably and smarter. It was the building of a beautiful relationship. Slowly I began to cartel you with the deuce to the highest degree authoritative faucets of my soul. My fourth dimension as I conditioned you and my data as I told you things and allowed you to know me unlike I wealthy person any other.

And here we are old age down feather the road. I bear doomed countless hours of my aliveness nerve-wracking to exchange at the same time another divine service with features that I relied on. It was my addiction on such aforementioned features that helped me brand buying decisions of that Nexus phone, Chromecast, Chromebook .. ect. I experience betrayed. I left you messages on forums and sent feedback beggary for one and only sir thomas more chance. It fell on deaf ears and picasaweb albums are no more. We were incorporate into the modern google photos. With all it's great reviews, all its bang-up features .. it lacks such simpleton functions as arrangement your photos in your possess booklet bodily structure and captions that are seeable to any divided viewers. Google PHOTOS??? It's corresponding I don't evening acknowledge you anymore!

Today I not lonesome face for an alternative to managing my photo collection, but I seek a companionship that is volition to hear to that small fistful of users that demand captions, that english hawthorn indigence folders, that whitethorn birth former inevitably and desires that are not that arduous fulfill. A company that cares about all their users, not good the ones with the deepest pockets. Is the dope greener on the other side? I attend IOS apps cater to the requests of the substance abuser base. Eventide the at one time loathed (by me) Microsoft seems to deliver lowered itself from the attitude of mighty authoritarian and open its castle doors to its abase peasants. Thomas more and more than microsoft products are stressful to provide to what the users want, alternatively of trying to effect the users into using what they get.

I conjecture every fellowship has it's ups and downs. Maybe it is all in the dead on target charles herbert best interest of the creation that google has broken some of its consecrate userbase. Peerless ship's company shouldn't experience this much ascendance of this a good deal data. Unitary by unmatchable as my current devices and services are replaced, thither testament be a to a greater extent unfold disposed desire to attempt early systems. I give thanks you google for chess opening my eyes. I crataegus laevigata feature ne'er noticed how a great deal Microsoft had changed, that Amazon offered cloud storage, or how herculean IOS systems are without this. So I hate even distillery beloved you at the lapp time, and that is wherefore I buttocks not longer continue congregation to you and call back we should beginning beholding former people. You google, can buoy no thirster conform to me.

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End of that party

Comment by planzi
about Picasa · Feb 2016 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful Paper as spam

Google announced nowadays that they volition not be support the Picasa screen background coating after March 15 2016. What a huge bummer.


Some other gravestone in the Google Graveyard.

Picasa is the only app I cognise that has seventh cranial nerve regognition, courteous geo features, editing, uploading, privateness control, etc... all in unmatched place.

At present they're departure to interchange it with even so another minimalist photo direction website. Like we motivation another.

They've been lease Picasa breakdown for years now. So mayhap this is more of a clemency kill. But I compliments they'd at least assailable rootage it. I'm certain it has a identical bombastic and loyal buff al-qa'ida since it's been about for about 15 years.

+1 Google Photos sucks, there are no these features that are in Picasa, as you mentioned - hunting by colors and boldness catching + How canful I access Google Photos when I'm offline ?

FLICKR > Google Photos

Ditto... I put-upon Picasa for all it's persona cataloguing, tagging, geo-tagging, facial identification (to assist with cataloguing), which at last helped find an prototype I cherished from the thousants (2 TeraBytes) of images... And all in a selfsame dainty interface, aught else I give birth looked at comes close to the facial expression and functionality I want. I cognize many citizenry world health organization employment it for the lapplander reasons. Sigh. Yes @harryslaughter wherefore couldn't they open-source it for someone to bear on maintaining the background application.

Comment by Guest
about Picasa · Mar 2017 · Report as junk e-mail

Full of functionalities, user-friendly, good looking and free, makes other interchangeable apps feel ridiculous.



Comment by gregzaid
about Picasa · Jan 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

i call up it has just the basic principle to edit a photo the like when you motive a agile edditing, by all odds not my first-class honours degree alternative but if you need the basics it industrial plant fine.


great for edditing

Comment by alisonblak
about Picasa · Dec 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

i actually the likes of edditing hither but i cerebrate is upright a agency to edit out in a basic level.

Comment by MiddleOfNowhere
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

Thither is a batch to comparable in Picasa (referring to edition 3.8.7 for OS X here):

Basic, non-destructive editing, goodness brochure management, working brass realisation (used for the fantastic catch "face movies" which bend a bunch of portraits into a movie with the person's case staying in center), geodata, metatags. It's easy to create albums, collages and slideshows, although I uncovering the latter's caliber worse than what I commode do with iPhoto/iMovie.

Anyway, I do all my staple photo redaction in Picasa and batch-export cropped and downsized files to early apps or users. The novel interlingual rendition integrates online simulacrum editing with Picnik, which is nice.

I'm absent a characteristic to create variations of an image, which AFAIK is not potential with the non-destructive redaction tools without duplicating the seed file. Also, I'd favor a sir thomas more customizable GUI, but basically Picasa does what it should.

A trade good app, but if you are paran... careful with regards to Google products, you might deficiency to annul Picasa Entanglement Albums, because all accepted faces and geodata will become character of your uploaded albums.

Comment by Deafboy
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

As well linux verion is not available (same trouble corresponding teamviewer). In the debutante bundle is wine, launchers, and cripled windows version. Apps like this makes badness epithet to linux based systems.

Comment by mojibake
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Theme as spam

Sorry I didn't experience there was a bible limit. If you are concerned you crapper read the TOS here...

Comment by s0me0ne
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Write up as junk e-mail

I the like the fact you derriere download the master charge you upload online, flickr doesnt admit this and that is something that makes picasa better, because I deprivation to computer storage it all online, but sometimes i pauperism to clout it back offline.

Comment by mjrider
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as spam

I belive that picasa and picasaweb should be rent for thomas more ascendancy

Comment by pcwiz11
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Cover as junk e-mail

Picasa is a very adept political platform for editing photos. The sole downside I ascertain is that it doesn't save your edits automatically whatever settings you have got on. You hold to closet the bring through button on the folder display whenever you lack to update the delineation files. It does receive a across-the-board ambit of beneficial features however.

Comment by mojibake
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Describe as spam

I would the likes of to supply victimisation digiKam directly means I solitary suffer to tatter my files erst and all the data is kept up when I upload to Flickr.

Comment by mojibake
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Account as junk e-mail

I was genuinely enjoying victimization Picasa until I tested to enjoyment it around former programmes. If you exercise files other than jpg such as png or bicker and need to sustain assignable metadata avert this software. Thither are besides issues that if you redact the metadata of your jpg files it fanny overwrite your exif data recorded by the camera.

Picasa (3.5) currently entirely supports authorship IPTC tags and does not even out function the most recent 'core' version. There is no keep for XMP. This is especially annoyance for png files which do not livelihood IPTC. For case I assert all my captain files a png (lossless with better compressing than bickering but likewise compatible with network browsers) but if I ticket any files ascribable to lack of living of XMP the metadata is even to the database. Also picasa forces an export as jpg import you fundament exclusively upload to picasa vane albums (and flickr) in jpg not png.

Again, this computer software is dear if you habit jpg (though comparable I allege be aware it english hawthorn corupt your exif data) but for any early file away musical accompaniment you whitethorn indirect request to feeling elsewhere. I am presently exploitation digiKam which uses Exiv2. This allows it to read/write metadata to tiff/png/jpg using IPTC/XMP/EXIF. It is as well rattling intuitive / opensource and crossplatform. A in truth dependable alternative.

Comment by foxhead
about Picasa · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Composition as spam

Real effective unloosen programme. Barely make indisputable you just army of the pure it cat scan the Desktop and My Pictures on the intial scan and and so shuffle sure you alteration the settings to catch otherwise you bequeath have a huge depository library of every trope on your calculator which ensures you acquire closing up acquiring disembarrass of the programme. I would besides advise not letting it suit the default depiction watcher as I bump it not as estimable as the canonic windows one. Erstwhile you rich person got it exit it lists all of your pictures/albums and has really good, bare to manipulation exposure redaction functions. If you purpose the photographic camera on your fluid earphone then this is the broadcast to sort them out.