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Good Program, mean pricing

Comment by JoeCamel
about TheBrain and yEd Chart Editor program , CmapTools · Oct 2012 · Helpful Not helpful 6 Helpful News report as junk e-mail

What is the main drawback of a mind-mapping program? Endeavor to shuffle a broadsheet connection, it's something constantly about kind of workaround and not on the lapplander floor with the criterion connections. Nous maps are basically tree-shapes. concept-maps don't rich person this restriction.
i don't know how they programmed it, but cross-references are more or to a lesser extent "created equal". This and the automatic layout makes it a commodity broadcast to economic consumption for things that are interdependent.
the badness affair about this computer program is the pricing scheme. the detached edition leaves you without impression and exportation which makes the devoid interlingual rendition a complete trial or vendor-lock-in version.
the professional interpretation is also expensive for a individual not exploitation it to earn money with it , so it is to expensive for a bookman arranging the dissertation or a mortal equitable entering their noesis and deliverance it in a flexible, co-ordinated way. a lawyer, detective, advert bozo or whatever former person connecting diverse informations crataegus laevigata discovery it fair to earnings sir thomas more than $200 for a computer programme that has a narrow ambit but fills that design better than others.
as an choice (true concept-mapping and not the hierarchal mind-mapping) to "the Brain" i evoke cmaptools,
yed graph editor is neither mindmapping nor conceptmapping tool, but it bottom be tweaked into such.


Thank you...enjoyed your comments. I beloved the graphic agency of relationships...and agree on the criticisms.

Hey, I acknowledge I am belated to the party, but I fair stumbled upon your commentary regarding yEd. I think you are either confusing yEd with another course of study or somehow misinterpreted the selective information astir yEd, because your comments about pricing are good champaign wrong: At the time of penning thither is no "paid"/"pro" reading and there ne'er has been. Also the "free" rendering (which is the lone translation available) is not qualified in that elbow room at all: you buns mark and export and I do not assure how this butt be a vendor-lock-in, because evening if you adjudicate to not employment yEd any longer the files that you wealthy person created are stored at your english and they are field XML files that you could import into one-third company tools anytime. Thanks!

@yGuy. You're obviously not selfsame good at compensable whatsoever sort of attention. The commentator was OBVIOUSLY & clear talk astir TheBrain. Not the package you're talking about. TheBrain is the software with an excessive pricing scheme. Whatever made you believe they were talk about something else?! It's a review, astir TheBrain, on a sir frederick handley page FOR TheBrain. facepalm

Oh and furthermore, he was recommending it as an alternative. Not bashing it.

@SpaceOctopus: The confusedness is believably because this critical review is on the "related comments" department of the yEd app page, patch all the others are comments about yEd.

Comment by RemovedUser
about TheBrain · Feb 2018 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

Audit Log: Function corrupt synchronise added bailiwick to features of v9.0...


Very Expensive $219/Desktop Version, $299/Cloud Version

Comment by bopperjr346
about TheBrain · Crataegus oxycantha 2015 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

Looks care a great curriculum but at $200+, it seems overpriced for the consumer market.

Comment by TimAustralia
about TheBrain · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

I haven't bought this software package because:

  1. You can't manually club nodes.
    Considering the chief bearing of the intersection is to chasten masses of information, this is a john major downfall.
    It's also contempt the fact that this feature is the third about requested nonpareil as of writing. (I call back this was also a trouble 10 days agone when i first-class honours degree tested it)

  2. Citizenry accept doomed data on it (something astir a coffee upgrade) - which would be black for the lonesome enjoyment I would always consider gainful for

  3. It's very expensive - start at $150, for features that are clean essential for whatever dangerous use. Given breaker point 2, the cost is arduous to justify. Given compass point 1, I can't exercise it whatsoever price.

  4. Other commenters are right that it is a bite backbreaking to acquire a adhesive friction of all your info at once.

Having aforementioned all that, it's one and only of the almost challenging pieces of software program I've e'er seen!
Such a disgrace about the early points.

Comment by Michal
about TheBrain · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

That's true, it's not actually a psyche map. But I don't call up it's a drawback. Thanks to the hypothesis to bear whatever item "thought" as your exchange thought, you buttocks centering on it and attend everything direct affiliated with it. If you demand to check the adult picture, thither are possibilities wish abstract horizon and expanded opinion (the first base being rattling goodness to come across hierarchy in the system, the former is a tolerant of thinker map, where you can buoy alteration the attitude of each individual thought).

The problem with the black eye orientated user interface was resolved with the acquittance 5.5, where you canful bent your possess keyboard accelerators to almost whatsoever command.

There are approximately matter I don't comparable on PersonalBrain (for case you can't shuffling golf links directly from particular notes to some other item, or I fille the opening to arrive at a nice lean of items arranged according to around attributes) but whenever I time-tested to find something that would burst me bettor I landed back on PersonalBrain after a while.

And BTW with the courteous dynamic interface it volition be a batch of merriment to organise your clobber and go done it.

Give it a try! (there is a gratis variant without close to features, but real useful anyway.

Comment by dyslucksia
about TheBrain · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

This is true, but commemorate that if whatever token becomes the telephone exchange topic, this commode consequence in limiting the background of items viewed to those at once related to the detail - quite a modification agent IMO. Using PB is a chip corresponding polishing a aaron's rod about a room in the dark - it only shows a small fraction of what's there. Bear in mind mappers display large, detailed maps whose items don't jump around the fashion they do in PersonalBrain's display, which crapper be disorienting. Because the displayed spacial family relationship of items changes completely with apiece fresh cardinal item ("Thought") the drug user english hawthorn uncovering it difficult to create a genial "map" of his database. Hence PersonalBrain should not be broken with beware maps.

PersonalBrain as an application shows a bunch of potential, but IMO this has a hanker manner to go ahead it is comfortable to use, eventide though it has been round for 10 years. Its port is extremely mouse-oriented, so derriere be really ineffective at times, especially to keyboard users. The manual omits a caboodle of authoritative details, devising it a unmanageable application program to acquire to function well, and at one time you amaze to cognise it you beginning discovering many gaps in its features which birth not been enforced despite beingness requested by many users for years.

It fanny grip comparatively declamatory data databases but is held backbone by inadequate capability to bring off such databases.