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No more XP edition :(

Gossip by Danilo_Venom
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A Pale Moon interlingual rendition optimized for consumption on Windows XP and Intel Atom processors was besides useable until Pale Moon 27.
Now that branch has been discontinued and it volition not encounter early updates :(

But you arse economic consumption a non-official XP anatomy by Roytam1:

Input by Danilo_Venom
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Pale Moon isn't vulnerable to Meltdown & Spectre:

Pale Moon already circle the graininess for the functioning timers sufficiently common in Oct 2016 when it became clear that this could be exploited to execute hardware-timing based attacks and fingerprinting.
Pale Moon also, by design, doesn't admit buff computer memory to be divided betwixt duds in JavaScript, so the "SharedArrayBuffer" approach is not possible.

Functionary announcement:


Old UI

Remark by declanmarks1
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This app uses the UI from an bully version. I believe the UI equitable seems out-of-date now.

I accord the default option UI seems old, but thither are nice themes to custom-make it.

I actually the like Australium, which makes the web browser aspect the likes of the current Firefox style, and Material Moon, for w.h.o. likes a Chrome-like UI :)

You backside discovery them at

Exactly. Fair hang-up a composition and it's perfect... actually, sir thomas more perfect ^ _ ^