Alternatives to .NET Reflector for all platforms with whatever licence

  • Telerik JustDecompile

    JustDecompile is a stand-alone, absolve decompiling dick which converts .NET assemblies into beginning code. This Discharge Download Gives You Disembarrass .NET decompiler that helps...

    Disengage Open Generator Windows

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  • dnSpy

    dnSpy is a instrument to black eye applied scientist .NET assemblies. It includes a decompiler, a debugger and an assembly editor (and more) and arse be easily drawn-out by authorship your...

    Dislodge Open air Germ Windows

  • Explorer Cortege

    Created by Daniel Pistelli, a freeware entourage of tools including a PE editor in chief called CFF Explorer and a appendage viewer. The PE editor program has full accompaniment for PE32/64. Special...

    Exempt Windows

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  • PEBrowse64 Professional

    PEBrowse64 Professional is a static-analysis pecker and disassembler for Win64 executables and Microsoft .NET assemblies produced according to the Portable Executable...

    Give up Personal Windows

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  • CFR

    CFR testament decompile bodoni Coffee features - Java 8 lambdas (pre and berth Coffee beta 103 changes), Java 7 Bowed stringed instrument switches etc, but is scripted entirely in Coffee 6. [...

    Liberate Out-of-doors Informant Mac Windows Linux

  • Zeta Imagination Editor

    Zeta Resource Editor in chief is a loose application that enables you to delete banner Microsoft .NET chain resources from multiple different resourcefulness files together inside one...

    Release Windows

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  • GrayWolf

    GrayWolf is a .NET Decompiler that backside edit the IL of a compiled .NET application. This Decompiler is targeted at hacking compiled .NET applications. This is a Beta...

    Relinquish Windows

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    • Discontinued Offical web site connection 404 computer error
  • Snowman C++ Decompiler

    Standalone Adaptation Supports ARM, x86, and x86-64 architectures. Reads ELF, Mach-O, and PE filing cabinet formats. Reconstructs functions, their name calling and...

    Resign Outdoors Origin Windows Linux C (programming language) C# C++

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.NET: Alternatives to .NET Reflector

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.NET: Alternatives to .NET Reflector