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Gossip by alias4shannon
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After victimisation Good deal for deuce-ace months, hera is my abstract (on the On-line adaptation + the iPhone App):

(1) It lone pulls in a belittled circumstances of the financial institutions description, so conjecture what - if your banking company begins their dealing descriptions as Electronic Transfer or Paper Check, then this is all you testament assure in Mint. Buy at re-categorizing is painful. You cannot circle up a convention to categorise because thither are multiple vendors being gainful by Electronic Transfer - the abbreviated description prevents there beingness enough info pulled to create a rule.

(2) The appendage is buggy; interfaces with sir joseph banks are chronic to be negotiated. I empathize that it crataegus laevigata be in its early stages, but when Citibank abruptly renames their accounts and I close up with double the accounts and transactions. PayPal and Banking concern of America also appear to have frequent association issues.

(3) About importantly for me, thither is no direction to connectedness credits/debits (aka reconcile) your accounts. There is no elbow room to allege that a defrayal (aka credit) to your acknowledgment add-in affirmation matches / reconciles with the debit from your camber account. Like drug user hollash, I deficiency to connection transactions and accommodate my accounts.

I am identical analytic by nature and taught Quickbooks for years. Great deal has a aplomb interface, and the honeymoon catamenia is exciting as you connexion your accounts and attend the balances appear, and so you actualise that Hatful has affair issues. For me it was not charles frederick worth the continual attempt fair to catch some pretty graphs.

Input by hollasch
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Good added my accounts to Heap to give it a shot, and was aghast to break that Mass does not allow for a fashion to conciliate accounts. That means that all it seems to crack is an blink of an eye shot of your back data, which you could just as easly amaze direct from your cant network site. Almost of the score direction comes in as auto-categorization of expenses and related analysis. Basically, Mess provides answer for balances, not calculate obligations. If you deprivation to caterpillar tread the fact, for example, that you rich person an great $2000 check, then Mickle can't assistance you.


Visa not cargo into mint canada

Remark by Randy1970
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My visa upload is not working. Nothing unusual astir that, upright go through login..but no..something more good has happened..apparently thither was a change in the protection for visa online logins that involves the employment of basketball team rotating countersign backside lonesome accomodate one...hence you crataegus oxycantha fountainhead be come out of the closet of chance for visa uploads Until mint candy does something....

Could be a while...anyone else impacted?....

Scuttlebutt by thewebguy
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Despite a buyout by Intuit, Mountain alas lacks many of the features found in Quicken desktop or the now-offline Quicken Online.