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Input by Cyberia
about Microsoft Office Bible · Nov 2017 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

I experience to acknowledge that there is no substitute to this one. I feature time-tested OpenOffice and its clones, they are as well roadster and clangor quite an often, at to the lowest degree on windows.

Also I the like the fact that it courteously asks for your license ahead connecting to the internet.

Remark by Guest
about Microsoft Office staff Book · Jun 2017 · Paper as spam

It is stable, loose to employment and fast, evening though its huge.


General comment

Scuttlebutt by gnashingteeth67yahoocom
about Microsoft Power Christian bible · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful Report as junk e-mail

Thank you for offer or mayhap suggesting early routes to the software package turnpike littered with fiddling cost booths that will(would) joyfully assume our monies.


Denied incorrect alternatives.

Annotate by coth
about Microsoft Agency Countersign · Apr 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Report card as spam

Look at MS Authority Word. It's a discussion processor, so as former alternatives, demur few.
Small Microsoft Office Word icon Microsoft Bureau Give-and-take

Scroll down and i'll assure WPS Office. Scroll down feather a bite sir thomas more and you'll attend castigate alternate - WPS Writer.

WPS Business office is an alternative to MS Office. Full retinue to full-of-the-moon suite, writer to writer. Despite that WPS Federal agency was denied of being removed.

Gloss by robertmu
about Microsoft Government agency Good book · Jan 2016 · Helpful Not helpful Reputation as junk e-mail

i give birth enjoyment it for days and i believe it kit and boodle fine, i don't call back is the topper but i kit and caboodle as i motivation to, but maybe they shouldn't alteration it all the time, i mean, they give novel features every at once and then and they are truly things no nonpareil actually use. there's no motive to shuffling it so confusing.


Free Substitute to Word

Notice by Diaboto
about Microsoft Office Holy scripture · Jul 2014 · Helpful Not helpful Story as spam

Check come out Nevron Docs -

This is credibly the outdo unblock alternate to Holy writ - it plant on Windows, Mac and Online. It bottom unfold .DOCX, .RTF and .HTML files and has export to .PDF, .HTML etc. It is also faster than Word.

Beware: The connectedness Diaboto recommends ( ) has an expired https certificate, import that in precept the association is insecure and could be malicious. A connection to Nevron office staff (without a valid certificate) is here:

*with a valid certificate (the connexion I gave).
Apologies for the typo.


Word for notes

Point out by careylin
about Microsoft Power Intelligence · English hawthorn 2013 · Helpful Not helpful Study as junk e-mail

Word, in recent epoch years, has been not fair the go to for logos processing but also annotation taking. I exercise it on OSX so I buns only address for that platform. I discovery its notebook view/layout to be courteous as yet the balance of the political platform is slow. If it was a reprint notes sole political program I would be satisfied, but for at present they are together. For this cause I suggested Circus Ponies Notebook computer to be a fair alternative for those hush solitary victimisation News for bank bill taking. Not certain it belongs here, but hoped individual else might find it useful.


Nice tilt - but no Nisus?

Comment by manskybook
about Microsoft Agency Parole · Jan 2012 · Helpful Not helpful Theme as spam

It's not clear when this heel of alternatives to MS Password was created (or eventide when the comments were made). Mightiness be dainty to appointment your land site to spring around currency to your information.

But, as to my bailiwick line, wherefore is Nisus left come out of the closet of this list? It's been a Mac scripture c.p.u. since approach the beginning of Macintosh time. It was (and is now, again) known for its advanced hunting and macros. Effort

(no, I'm not in whatsoever agency associated with them)

Umm...Why don't you attention deficit hyperactivity disorder it?

Commentary by Furgelnod
about Microsoft Authority Tidings · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Write up as junk e-mail

The outflank watchword processing broadcast in my opinion, openoffice has close to direction to go before beingness up to its standard. Though I compliments you could purchase it by itself, as its astir the entirely matter in the ms bureau rooms I use.

Gossip by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Microsoft Business office Word · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Written report as spam

Microsoft Word of god jolly very much sets the criterion for word of honor processors. And unlike Internet Explorer, which sets the last measure possible for browsers, that's not inevitably a badness thing. It costs a gross ton for what it does, but I call up that Articulate does it middling well.

I'll agree. Formulate is so much improve than OO, LibreOffice, and Apache Assailable Federal agency (I've actually tried them all and double automobile trunk with Lubuntu Linux) that I Acknowledge that hoi polloi that allege they are meliorate are good Candid Reservoir tools. It's the same with mass that articulate that Linux is a bunch best than Windows 7, etc. Are you kidding me? Endeavor victimization Linux hard for a calendar month and amaze back to me. I bob hope you cognise what the bidding agate line is :) Bring in indisputable you read tutorials on exploitation Sudo (or you could badly eff up your installation). Build sure you empathise the file cabinet system! In fact, to even out establish Apache OO (the scoop iteration in my opinion) I had to do a bunch of crazy command ancestry garbage. OH...and with Linux Always ca-ca trusted you're disposed to do things in a carousel way, cause certainly you have got dozens of meter to "tinker" (as Linux masses beloved to say).

By the way...IE is a selfsame trade good browser. Hold you ill-used it? It's exceedingly fast. The biggest problem, and the ground I won't function it, is that it doesn't receive a commodious ad blocker. It's a brobdingnagian problem. IE has just about of the trump HTML 5 performance.

I completely agree. To the highest degree easy-to-use give voice processor, but if you do advanced data format (images with descriptions, references, automatic numbering) you apace uncovering funny quirks and foreign auto-formatting that are backbreaking and sometimes impossible to change.

For in advance text edition redaction Small Adobe InDesign icon Adobe InDesign seems to be the best choice, but thither is a steep acquisition curve.. For the geeky academician that likes codification and full moon ascendance Small LaTeX icon LaTeX seems the likes of the figure one and only choice.

Input by Aaron
about Microsoft Government agency Phrase · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Cover as junk e-mail

Openoffice Author I ascertain to be the perfect substitute to this. Writer whitethorn payoff a footling chip to load, but it butt do a caboodle thomas more than Bible can, at least in my opinion. The newest Microsoft Book to me is confusing, annoying, and decelerate a deal of the time. I habit Openoffice on my laptop all the metre its great.

What buttocks author do that Christian bible can't? Care to springiness more or less real-world experience? How is Countersign 2010 confusing? lol. Microsoft made it so promiscuous that you'd suffer to be an changeling not to empathize the ribbon. It's All There IN FRONT OF YOU. Office 2010 is quicker than OO and LO. Apache OO is moderately fast, not for certain around that one. Adept chance installation Apache OO though.

Remark by askj113
about Microsoft Office staff Discussion · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful Describe as spam

Let's breach it down:
Openoffice is the standby unfreeze power choice. Unfortunately that means its as bloated as microsoft office, more than so in late years. It can buoy proceeds always for writer to open, especially on aged systems.
Abiword is lightning fast and passably cool, but I've constantly had bother with the menus existence different and differently named from office, whereas openoffice makes to a greater extent of an campaign to catch word.
Google docs is antic for online stuff, but clean limited for anything but basic writing.

Q10 is a fantastic writeroom alternate for windows; it shows you a african-american concealment with a dewy-eyed statusbar and lets you indite undistracted. It'll certainly hyperkinetic syndrome another dance step to your study current but it's worth it for me for the chasteness and direction it gives. Not a alternate for an agency program, but an accession to it

Give-and-take isn't "bloated" for multitude that need those features. If you don't pauperism those features? An RTF editor in chief comparable Wordpad would be bang-up for you. Abi Good book is hideously atrocious on my Windows facility and also genuinely around the bend for or so reason. Focal point Author is better than Q10 :)