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Sunset – better arrest exploitation it now!

Microsoft has announced that OneNote is no longer departure to be character of Office 2019, so OneNote 2016 testament be the close always version. It's exit to be supported until 2020, then it's over. Unity of many sources: RCP Mag

What Microsoft wants you to consumption alternatively is the UWP/Windows 10 adaptation of the OneNote app. Of course, as everyone w.h.o. has e'er tested using it knows, that little app is barely a alternate for the brawny note-taking application program that is/was OneNote. The like almost every UWP app, it's a canonised fiddling headphone miniature that doesn't appreciation up to actual employment requirements at all.

To empathise that, you don't demand to know anything beyond the fact that the OneNote app, the official heir of OneNote 2016, distillery doesn't, and believably ne'er will, accompaniment offline notebooks. That's right, it's 100% cloud or go home. No thomas more local backups, no more than being in ascendance of your possess data, no to a greater extent deciding yourself if, how, and where to stock and synchronise your information. If you're o.k. with that, you might as fountainhead electric switch to victimisation Facebook Notes.

R.I.P. Microsoft OneNote, 2003–2020. You were pretty decent.


Office OneNote is indeed a admiralty mile better. Usability is alir ahead of UWP edition - bettor ribbon, iconset, sections as tabs, colorized pages sidebar, punter briny color, offline notebooks. backups, export etc etc. UWP has quite depressive dark reddish blue color. It's fairly sad. Instead of disbursal those days to ameliorate Office OneNote, they are atrophy it on reinventing the bicycle doing it army for the liberation of rwanda worse than before. And OneNote does indigence improvements. At least data format school text as code with phrase structure highlight.

Is best in category for aboriginal screengrabbing button

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Doesn't affair if you economic consumption whatever of these which I also have extensively exploited for geezerhood / tested almost every work flow and annex you arse think of related to onenote / its competitors:

Small Evernote icon Evernote
Small Laverna icon Laverna
Small Google Keep icon Google Donjon
Small Simplenote icon Simplenote
Small Google Drive - Docs icon Google Drive - Docs

OneNote has an evolved anatomy of the aborigine windows Small Snipping Tool icon Snipping Tool which is by former armed forces its c. h. best characteristic and the cause you should employment onenote, even if you don't enjoyment it at all

Pressing WIN + S florida key to screenshot something natively in a windows PC is alone accomplishable by onenote. I exercise it almost everyday. Nothing remotely comes close to its curve chasteness and affair

Pairs actually well with early apps that I function the likes of (which are my picks for best-in-class) as wellspring

Small Greenshot icon Greenshot
Small ShareX icon ShareX
Small Dynalist icon Dynalist
Small Microsoft Paint icon Microsoft Paint
Small icon

identical handy for devising crappy-but-effective UX doodles / diagrams so I backside bill of exchange proposals in no clock time at all

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OneNote rocks

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Jolly amazing what you bathroom do with OneNote. I time-tested it a brace of multiplication -- and at first, could not warm up to it.

And so more than a class later, I decided to give it a full, open-minded evaluation. I ended up loving it, and close down 10 former places where I was storing authoritative information. Now, all that entropy is in matchless place.

Dungeon in brain that the Windows interlingual rendition has the most capability, with the elision of inquisitory all notebooks, where the Mac interpretation has the edge.

Don't forget: For Windows, you deficiency the full featured Windows reading , Not the Windows "app" version, which has interahamwe fewer features.


Seems middling cool, but...

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I'm tempted to habit this in my lectures, to note-take with PDFs. Unfortunately its PDF handling is abominable - it rotates all landscape PDF's 90 degrees, so everything is sideways. Unbelievably, there is no alternative to circumvolve a PDF back to normal.
This broadcast has a batch of potential, but Microsoft destroyed by messing up its PDF handling.


Nonpareil hint I behind spring is, or else of victimization Insert > File cabinet Printout, clear the filing cabinet commencement and then manipulation Print bidding in the applications programme (e.g. Adobe) and choose your orientation there. This volition do the lapp insertion, but with the castigate orientation.

Exportation to PDF or DOCX would** lose attachments **on OneNote 20016 for Windows. OCR feature is good.

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Cross platform, rich schoolbook editing features, notebook computer administration is great, syncs reliably. Android app is a bite clumsy but improving over time.


It is Great but I believe I would choose Evernote or Notion. They rich person sir thomas more choice and is easier to coordinate the info in the note. But it is lone my immanent opinion. By the agency @ dankillam since you are a drug user of this website, I would really appreciate some feedback for my critical review of this site, I equitable started a Youtube Channel. Here is the critique -

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I loved onenote when it first came out, it felt so different to other microsoft products.

But at once I would alike to motility on because thither are silly restrictions liking needing to go online to alteration a notebook name, its a footling bloated and I not a buff of Microsoft access to privacy.

But its selfsame arduous to exportation your notes. Fair be aware of this ahead you commit.

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This is a Linux Onenote.

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That is good an Electron-based webbrowser that is burden Office Online. You bottom do it with whatsoever early browser. But it's not much usable.

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The charles herbert best annotation pickings software package ever!!! None of the "alternatives" is evening closing curtain to the Onenote capabilities and functionalities.

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Bang-up app deeds across multiple platforms

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  • Doesn’t backing discovery and replace, multi library paste in table, etc (Solved by exploitation onestatics)
  • Free people rendering are available as standalone coating
  • Notebook computer from Office professional addition can't be open on absolve translation locally (open notes from onedrive on vane browser, and so open the notebook on application)
  • Onenote on-line hunt engine lonesome buns be on current department or pages, entire notebook computer is not possible

OneNote Online is discharge as swell

Requires a Microsoft account

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I was very defeated to ascertain it requires a Microsoft account to eventide acquire it started, so I uninstalled right away. I deprivation topically stored notes ONLY, no "cloud" bull for me. Guess I'll aspect into Zim instead.


You butt brand local anaesthetic notes without whatever clouds, just comparable with Zim

Which would be ok if no Microsoft account statement (or whatsoever former case of external account) was compulsory at all. I'd rattling a good deal corresponding a 100% local anesthetic account-free cognitive operation mode.

I call back CherryTree is a closer and wagerer alternative to OneNote than Zim and I wealthy person tried them both.

Thanks for the tip, I'm checking CherryTree come out of the closet right field at present and it appears to be actually nice!

Brilliant bank bill taking application.

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I've been using OneNote for many long time now. What I find great, is that it buttocks be ill-used to make simple notes and lists, but on the other bridge player can buoy be put-upon for a great deal thomas more advance uses similar capturing audio frequency and video, on-line blind clippings, embedding spreadsheets, exporting to PDF etc. It really is commodity at fetching notes or memory literally anything.

It is integrated in the chase way. You bear Notebooks . Within a Notebook there are many Sections . Within a Discussion section thither canful be many individual Notes . This deuce-ace grade organisation I uncovering full treatment real well. For example, you commode birth a Notebook computer called 'Holidays'. Within 'Holidays' you could deliver sections such as 'Spain', 'USA', 'Australia' etc. Within each of those destinations, which are Sections, you would experience your Notes for each, such as Packing list, Places to Visit, Maps of topical anaesthetic area etc.

What is as well bully directly is that it is not component of the gainful Office cortege (Office 365 for example). It is a amply featured app for Free. I call up Microsoft made a isaac mayer wise choice with that as having it component part of the nonrecreational Office made it unavailable to many.

Overall a acme program, good charles frederick worth nerve-racking if you haven't ever secondhand it. Also, OneNote is uncommitted on about all Desktop platforms, Mobile and on the Web.


Absolutely essential for me. Beloved it!

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Onenote is an astonishing art object of software. For whatever fourth dimension of information assemblage or note-taking, scrap-booking dash brainstorming. Comfortable to purpose and plays advantageously with many applications. Never motivation to save, as it's running in the backcloth victimisation a david low degree of resources. Easy to copy or move, and really easygoing to parcel with others (collaborate as well; so you will assure world health organization made changes to what areas). Apiece page bequeath nicely hold a account of changes where you just right hand chink on a page, and you crapper attend the many iterations a pageboy has asleep through, beholding exactly what changed and when, and blue-ribbon the body politic of that sir frederick handley page from whatsoever breaker point in its timeline.

If you role the Getting Things Done philosophy, I ascertain this especially useful for accumulation of all non-actionable address items. A lot break than Evernote imo.

The direction it is merely band up as a school-type notebook, makes it by nature identical coherent to use; in damage of what a fresh account book should be, its sections and pages hierarchy, and then a bonus to feature pages that derriere be nested in a hierarchy as well. OCR abilities built in are amazingly good. The hunting function is amazing; fabulously fast and accurate.

Those w.h.o. give birth ne'er checked this extinct should springiness it a try. I genuinely cerebrate that short of Outlook, OneNote should actually be the flagship cartesian product of Office. If you like Outlook... and so Outlook and OneNote are a cause of death combo!


Thanks to Anamon for coverage about the possible future of OneNote. This news is selfsame discouraging for anyone the like myself, world health organization uses OneNote every 24-hour interval - with lots of my daily workflow revolving about it. If Microsoft does blunderer the intersection in the elbow room it is intending to as of now, I leave be look elsewhere, as before long as possible.

I advance anyone that compliments to express business astir this direction, articulation your belief about it or shuffle about suggestions:

Looking good.

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Upright looking around and it testament issue notes fine.
Also the offline capabilities for the disembarrass versions is alir best then Evernotes