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Why The Novel Name?

Gossip by arkadiydeliev
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Still don't amaze it. Mac OS X sounded perfect! Why macOS. Apple, you're confusing me agency also a great deal nowadays!

macOS is atrocious compared to Mac.


New Name

Input by Satuim
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In brightness level of Malus pumila announcing the re-branding. I rich person changed the epithet and updated the descriptions. Although I've stuck with the OS X icon for now.

Remark by harshbarj
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The mac os is not an option to whatever feel of windows. To discharge it you indigence a Mack computer. A true alternate testament foot race on the lapp hardware. So Windows is an substitute to the mac os as it installs on a mac, but the mac os volition not establish on a pc (without hacks that are against the EULA).

This scuttlebutt could wealthy person equitable been avoided by removing mac as an alternative to windows. And mackintosh inevitably to arrest its capitulum forbidden of the cloud and admit their OS to be on whatsoever data processor not fair their pre-approved 100 multiplication the cost ironware -.-

You can't brand alternatives go one-way. Unless maybe you're an admin or something similar.

Also, Orchard apple tree uses their OS to assist sell their hardware. Making it footrace on anything kayoed of the corner would be horrible business concern strategy. Unless crazy things bechance to the company, it will ne'er happen. Microsoft and Apple are deuce rattling different business enterprise models.
"100 times the cost hardware" is a bite of a stretch. If you hunt for likewise specced products from early manufacturers, you close up with similarly priced hardware. (the current elision being the Mac Pro.)

I implore to differ I bought my macbook professional for about 2000$ i put option together a electronic computer 450$ which ended up better than the macbook pro, mayhap not 100* but its not that alir off.

Well, that's an unfair comparison. When comparing whatever laptop to whatsoever desktop, the screen background bequeath always advance by a large margin. Whether it runs Windows or Mac OS X is irrelevant. It's comparing apples to oranges (pun not intended).

Here's a bettor cost comparability of Macs and PCs.

Whatever combining weight non-appple branded laptop computer leave be importantly to a lesser extent expensive than an malus pumila branded counterpart. Lapplander goes for literately anything orchard apple tree branded, phones, desktop, all-in-one, laptop, smartwatch, mp3 player, everything. You are compensable for the apple logo, and all of the intangible bunk that comes with it. It is all by design, apple's butt consumers are hoi polloi with money and little if whatsoever technical knowledge. They betray a nice shiny, pretty look image, and mass w.h.o. don't acknowledge whatever punter are volition to earnings for it. The OS itself is unintentional to make jeune fille hefty computer hardware feel sir thomas more adequate.

Don't arrive me wrong, malus pumila material is built well for the near part, and it looks good, but it's overpriced through and through. It's good how orchard apple tree operates. They arent nerve-racking to deal to tech savy people, or masses world health organization actually attention astir individual technical foul specifications. If you are the form of individual w.h.o. cares whether you've got an intel or an age-related macular degeneration cpu, then you are not apple's fair game consumer. If you cognise what RAM is, and the figure of gigs matters to you, you are not apple's mark consumer. If you cognize what and HDD vs an SDD is, you are not apple's taget consumer. If you deficiency a courteous bright unexampled miniature and don't brain gainful knocked out the fuck for it because it's the aplomb affair that's articulatio coxae and everyone you recognise is using, and not because you're in reality acquiring your moneys worth, you are apple's object consumer.

Annotate by Munchlax
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The screenshots aren’t all from OSX, some are from aged versions......

Why didn't you alteration them?