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No GPU support

Gossip by admkx
about Inkscape · Jul 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful

Images deliver with CPU kind of than GPU on Linux (Nvidia Quadro w/ properness drivers) so it's painfully retard compared to Illustrator on Windows :/


easy to economic consumption but hush wealthy person matchless problem

Input by ableno
about Inkscape · Jan 2017 · Helpful Not helpful 2 Helpful

if i copy the the diagram from excel to inkscape, it's not transmitter whatever more. so i accept to employment illustrator to edit stand out plot

Bring through Surpass as PDF. Then import from Inkscape.
Just saying.


Gets actually slow

Remark by orestesgaolin
about Inkscape · Apr 2016 · Helpful Not helpful 1 Helpful

Inkscape is a goodness software, but gets genuinely slack when chess opening some sir thomas more complex files.

Scuttlebutt by juliocortes
about Inkscape · Apr 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

stable, powerful, multiplatform, free, fro basic-intermediate uses

Annotate by karlblass
about Inkscape · Mar 2017 · Helpful Not helpful

Inkscape is an such a brilliant app. Thank you for that.



Gloss by coth
about Inkscape · Mar 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

Has a trade good electric potential as an choice to CorelDraw, but at the consequence isn't a lot available - very a great deal crashes, poor baldhead and icons by default option (yet you bathroom exchange GTK2 theme), all the incubus of GTK2 (slow and misaligned UI, also across-the-board sidebar in about localizations etc).

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Notice by mohammadghasemi
about Inkscape · Jul 2015 · Helpful Not helpful

Behind clout approximately dwarf dependencies Compile yourself to annul them

Point out by UncleNinja
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

It's awesome. I don't acknowledge what I would do without it.

Note: I distant the brassy screenshot (why do citizenry c. w. post bull the like that?) and updated the logo

Comment by Elmernite
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Incredible! Simple to enjoyment and crammed with features. Now all it inevitably is the ability to brand .otf or .off fonts...

Commentary by Maeric
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

A comp vector diligence but lonesome full treatment in X11 environment on a Mac; not natively. Here is a comparability with FreeHandMX:


Es muy bueno!!A mí me gusta más que el Corel Draw ...

Gossip by Zipi34
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Es muy bueno!!

A mí me gusta más que el Corel Draw!!
I the likes of the Inkscape that Corel Draw!

Input by Aaron
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I exercise it a band to make levels for the back Xmoto. it does a in truth bang-up job, and has a batch of dainty features erst you acquire ill-used to it.

Remark by monkeybear
about Inkscape · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Best release transmitter editor program uncommitted IMO. I equitable hate that it asks me to establish X11 on my macbook I bought a class ago! For Windows and Linux, Inkscape all the way. For Mac, I think I'll fair bear to catch Illustrator.