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Comment by User7477861
about iGoogle and igHome , IFeedle , My Yahoo · Oct 2013 · Helpful Not helpful News report as junk e-mail

Wish matchless of these would allow an easygoing importation of iGoogle.


What repalces igoogle now. What does exportation to my calculator give me I liked this google affair and would comparable to be able to rich person something similar, not on my arduous disc as it would be atmospheric static but on line. Does anyone wealthy person a solution?

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From what I've read and understand, Small igHome icon igHome provides some direction of importation your iGoogle settings into their app. I've not seen that mentioned for whatever of the early listed here.

Nonpareil would think that with all the software program geniuses Google hires, one and only of them could accept built a embrasure that would break as many gadgets from iGoogle over to their novel Chromium-plate app framework, alternatively of devising everyone attempt and anatomy this come out on their own. I'm believably departure with Small My Yahoo icon My Yahoo , if only because I bear no approximation if whatsoever of the former alternatives testament come through for a hanker meter or not, and I might spring ighome a effort since it purportedly has this importee function, since they at least makes it easy.

Small My Yahoo icon My Yahoo lets you meaning from iGoogle...
My Yahoo! import page

If you sole demand to moment your feeds, you buns endeavor IFeedle . Dead simple, no signup required.

iGoogle vs Protopage

Comment by henrybitz
about iGoogle and Protopage · Oct 2013 · Helpful Not helpful Paper as spam

Shame iGoogle has close down, but i've ascertained and it's a good deal better!