Alternatives to One thousand Stealing Auto for all platforms with whatever license

  • Saints Row

    Saints Row is an open cosmos action-adventure television plot serial publication created by Volition and at once published by Deep Silver, that tells the account of a bunch called the One-third Street Saints, the championship comes from the epithet of the district of the gang's base territory. Typically, gameplay is presented in an open air creation data format because of the admixture of nonlinear gameplay with action-adventure and racing sequences. The series is fountainhead known for its comedic elements.

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  • Sleeping Dogs

    Sleeping Dogs is an outdoors earth action-adventure video recording game. The histrion controls Wei Shen, a Chinese-American constabulary officer, as he goes clandestine to infiltrate the Sun On Yee Triad organization. The instrumentalist case has the ability to walk, run, jump, climb over obstacles and swim, as well as consumption weapons and martial arts in combat. Players also campaign a assortment of vehicles including cars, boats, and motorcycles.

    Commercial Windows

  • Equitable Cause

    The orders are simple: Hunt down and accomplish a knave agent that has stolen top-secret intelligence and millions in Agency cash. For agentive role Rico Rodriguez, the charge is anything but routine. The butt is Tom Sheldon, Rico’s former commanding officer, mentor and friend; a entire w.h.o. knows Rico better than he knows himself.

    Commercial Windows PlayStation Mesh Xbox Live

  • Gangstar

    Gangstar is an give globe action/adventure secret plan serial highly-developed by Gameloft. The back is about a gangster world health organization explores cities looking for money, power, and business of early gangs. The serial publication includes: Gangstar: Crime City - for Java Mobile at; Gangstar 2: Kings of L.A. - for Nintendo DSi, Java Mobile, Blackberry at http://www.gameloft .

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  • Retro Metropolis Rampage DX

    A atavism to the '80s and 90's and especially to the archetype Thousand Thievery Auto game, Retro Urban center Rampage™ DX is a fast-paced arcade bet on of carjacking in an 8-bit spread world. FEATURES 8-BIT Open-World to Explore All over 60 Chronicle Missions Complete 40 Colonnade Challenges Concluded 25 Weapons & Power-Ups Ended 50 Vehicles to Steal & Equip Terminated 200 Character Customizations

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  • TrackMania

    It is the most democratic online pc racing game. It fuels 7 different racing environments; hundreds of thousands of tracks and millions of players to compete with. You arse download the auto you are dream of, blusher it, cause it done harebrained tracks made of loopings, ramps and bump off roads. It is all astir you, your drive skills and the cartroad in battlefront of you. Fair to brand certain we empathise each other: this is arrant arcade driving madness.

    Freemium Windows Linux Wine

  • L.A. Noire

    L.A. Noire is a neo-noir criminal offence picture gage band in Los Angeles in 1947 and it challenges the player, controlling a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer, to clear a ambit of cases across basketball team departments. Players moldiness enquire criminal offense scenes for clues, abide by up leads, and interrogate suspects, and the players' success at these activities testament encroachment how much of the cases' stories are revealed.

    Commercial Windows

  • Urban center Racing

    City Racing is a enormously popular sandbox GTA dash automobile racing game. This discharge punt gives you the exemption to research the city in whatsoever agency you want. Your backside enter in illegal street races, profits money, make spectacular jump stunts, acclivity your cable car to beat your racing opponents or you bathroom good employment as a hack driver. The gameplay is easy, you just demand quick reflexes and a commodity center to annul the police force cars and shuffle some money.

    Disembarrass Windows

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  • Tokyo 42

    Tokyo 42 lets you payoff to the streets of a vibrant, hand-crafted micro humankind as an assassin. Experience the color and beaut of this mini Tokyo from a breathtaking, isometric linear perspective that smoothly spins at your bidding to give you the clearest eyeshot of the action at law as you economic consumption stealth and altogether firepower to baneful missions.

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  • OpenRW

    OpenRW is an capable generator re-implementation of Rockstar Games' Deluxe Thieving Auto III, a classic 3D action mechanism gamey commencement promulgated in 2001.

    Exempt Exposed Germ Linux GitHub

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  • Rampage Road

    An dateless macrocosm of cars, tanks, terrain, airports, and airstream tracks are waiting! Drive, addition cash, barter vehicles mid game, and bargain and ascent fresh vehicles, ranging from common hatchbacks and brawn cars to LAVs and MBTs!

    Give up Android Android Tablet

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  • Distinguished Stickman Auto V

    Grand Stickman Auto V - a absorbing gamy that volition appeal to all fans of activeness games. This you have not seen and not played! Elevated Stickman Auto V offers a large, dynamic and divers heart-to-heart world. The gimpy has everything you like. This gritty is executed with an incredible attending to contingent and caustic caustic remark on the bodoni world, flavored with african-american humor. This is single of the c. h. best games always created by the fluid games industry.

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  • Pico Rally

    Race your direction about the ball in this fasting and angered game! Rally racing has ne'er been this merriment and easy. Control your amphetamine in the curves and attempt to arrest on the road. If there's another elevator car 'tween you and the winner's circle – bang it dispatch the track! Winnings races to unlock modern tracks, captain them all and search novel parts of the world.

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