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Once again, Google does what it wants

Gossip by michdreams
about Google Asset · Mar 2016 · Helpful Not helpful

First, Google forces all of us to rich person a G+ account statement if you wealthy person an accounting on Gmail, and then, they fair decide to abandon it after it fails to issue cancelled and be Facebook's decriminalise competition? Why not abolish it completely, alternatively of kill it halfway? Don't amaze me wrong, I actually like the data format of Google+ in damage of news and information, a good deal sir thomas more hospital attendant and quite candidly thomas more interesting than Facebook. The societal english of it not so much, but I don't the like that reviews are at once distant from Google searches, and acquiring to a Google+ sir frederick handley page whilst not logged into your Google+ bill behind be a hassle.


Google Plus: Nice to use

Input by HanoiOffices
about Google Plus · Oct 2012 · Helpful Not helpful

Google Summation is an mixer locate that is identical commodity to use, share-out information, photos and television with friends, partners.


How to instal Google+ on an ipod Touch

Remark by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Google Addition · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Google lately released a Google+ app for the iPhone, but it doesn't employment on the ipod Touch! Nuuuuuu!

Luckily, there's an easy workaround to this, if your ipod Touch is jailbroken. Good download and install Google+ from Installous instead of the App Store. And don't make-believe to me that you don't economic consumption Installous.

EDIT: This workaround is no longer necessary; Google+ at present supports the ipod Touch.


Really nice

Scuttlebutt by LukaD
about Google Asset · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Agency better than facebook. I actually the likes of it so far.


What astir former functions?

Annotate by Cypeq
about Google Plus and Hangouts · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

I would be felicitous if google would decrease hegemony of FB,** but **in my belief it testament demand some other functions such as blink of an eye messaging (I cognize thither is GTalk, but it should be integrated in about direction into G+), convention electronic messaging (there is childlike alternative to compose email, but to read it you bear to assailable your gmail, absent choice of messaging among more than hoi polloi which is utilitarian in arrangement meetings etc.) Lacking apps - it is e'er good elbow room how to arrive at anything to a greater extent interesting - customizing - changing background, which is currently a bite boring, empty... etc

Is Google departure to supply whatsoever of functions mentioned above?



They birth enforced Chat, but you deliver to enable it.. I correspond that there is deficient approximately genial of simple/private messaging, but I conjecture they anticipate us to just employment the Chat-function for that.. (they volition encounter the content when they are on-line following time, and you schmooze with multiple people) The electronic messaging feature "Huddle" for their Android apps seems a great deal nicer I must allege - I bob hope they implement "Huddle" in the online adaptation as well. I dead reckoning that apps are a affair of time, but they don't appear to experience a public API yet..

I think they will apply dozens of features and before long as they experience that mass in reality care Google+. I believe it's a goodness scheme to beginning with the basics, arrest masses to wish it and then adhd features.

Hmm... Trade good strategy indeed, but I call back they already are developing on it comparable crazy already because, Google cannot afford it to fail! (this has believably been aforementioned around many services before though.. haha) Google+ is, in my mind, exit to be the armed service that glues all google's services together: Recommendations based on connections to your friends bottom be exploited in Search, YouTube, New, Calendar Events, Maps, Latitude, Books, (put in 15 early services hera yourself)..!

Yepp. I besides heard that All employes on Google is under around kind of bonus broadcast that is direct even to how fountainhead they are doing in social. Google can't upright bank on hunt + ads for to long.

You feature ever been able to address message someone, even when it was back in closed beta.
just remove the circles in the portion with box, and case a name. lone that person bequeath be able-bodied to attend it and reply. and they are notified about it also.


dam you google+

Gloss by trekeyus
about Google Summation · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

WARNING google+ breaks you google openid if you ill-used your google profile as your id.


Get yourself an invite to Google+

Notice by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Google Addition · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

If anybody inevitably whatever ask for to Google+, you buns asking matchless by sending a common soldier subject matter to either me or Thelle . Be certain to admit your e-mail address in the message.

Assist us dwell the bare barren presently known as Google+!

And attention deficit disorder me if you need to!


Facebook Killer?

Point out by Aerialsky
about Google Asset · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Google reinvents sociable meshing this time, afterward Wave and Buzz bankruptcy
What do you think? :D

I tolerant of corresponding it. It's sort of a admixture 'tween Facebook and Twitter and that is genial of positive. Although i discovery it a chip messy in the news program feed but i guess i barely give birth to clean up a flake among the multitude i follow.

But anyway. +1 :)


It's like Facebook, demur it's not Facebook!

Comment by OmgItsTheSmartGuy
about Google Plus · Jun 2011 · Helpful Not helpful

Haha, dear it :D

Google+ is kind of nice. Hopefully it butt arrive close to attending in the long run.

I would the like to attempt it out, IF SOMEBODY WOULD Exactly Ask in ME. D:<

Hehe, i buttocks maybe assistance you. But i call up they blocked invites for the moment. Cerebrate it leave be tolerant of easygoing to baffle in fairly soon.

I would likewise dearest if somebody would ask over me!! @Ola, hint, hint.. :)

The likes of Facebook with a fresh experience :D gentle to enjoyment & interesting I think.

Awesome I at last got a Google+ ask round (by asking a random person on the internet). Too badness cipher else that I live uses it yet.

Yeah, Google seemed to have got baseball swing all restrictions on invites.. I also on add-in directly :) BTW, If anyone necessarily an call for hardly charles william post here or beam a private message..


Just care Facebook?

Commentary by endolith
about Google Summation · Jul 2011 · Helpful Not helpful -1 Helpful

They distillery assert on devising your visibility public and fashioning all your posts public by default. Jolly annoying.

Funny, I just now bang the little x on "public" and and so blue-ribbon lonesome the circles I neediness to share to, and it remembers for every emily post afterwards that.