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Gossip by shanesemler
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If you're look for something childlike and gentle to employment to balance your banking concern account, this is Not it. Messy and over-complex for domicile use.


asking info about gnucash

Input by Franciska
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Hello everyone,

I have a doubt astir victimisation gnucash.
I admiration if gnucash is able to save all of detail armory and make a mark come out of the closet for bill and others.

Thank you before.

Remark by drezha
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Leisurely to enjoyment and detailed - matchless of the best apps I've exploited crisscross platform (cross weapons platform is crucial to me - I exercise linux and Windows and choose to rich person bury operability).

Amercement if you don't function the software to download data from sir joseph banks (I manually accede data - slower but more than authentic and lets me allot disbursal to categories I want) - Portable GNUCash is a nice contact as well.

Scuttlebutt by Mickets
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I installed it on my laptop with Windows XP Professional SP2, and it worked fine.

Then I installed it on my desktop PC, also with Windows XP Professional person SP2. And it would ne'er load, and would consume 50% of the CPU.

This is a known problems with it running game in Windows, and removing / re-installing didn't clear it.

SOLUTION: copy broadcast booklet and configurations brochure from Laptop computer to Desktop: at once it runs fine on the screen background as well.

The trouble at present is that Gnu Cash, contempt being very discharge and a knock-down software, uses > 200Mb HD space. it crataegus oxycantha be a building complex computer program for a dewy-eyed dwelling user.

Annotate by ShayneHolmes
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Powerful, requires encyclopaedism around basics around double-entry bookkeeping, but that keeps you honest, too. Fitting your finances to the GnuCash exemplar commonly results in elegant decisions.