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Nice features

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Among the free plans choices, Freshdesk has the best features.
You arse adhd up to 3 agents to admonisher several products and backside create offprint portals associated with each one.
Others platforms the like Clickdesk alone permits 1 agent and Userecho lone 1 forum and 1 agent. If you deficiency to bring off assorted types of requests, then it's for you.
You bathroom make multiple boards along with your just the ticket system.
The hypothesis to alteration logos and colors are also great.
Multilanguage is distillery absent some points, but that doesn't damage the caliber of the armed service also much.

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Freshdesk has a generous free people grade and is fabulously brawny with a beautiful UI. I beloved Freshdesk for everything it has to offer.

Disclosure: I employment with Freshworks Inc. as Freshdesk's Product Marketing Analyst.