Alternatives to FreeOrion for all platforms with Commercial message License

  • Sword of the Stars

    It is the class 2405, and homo scientists have ascertained a fresh applied science that allows locomotion from adept to asterisk at speeds faster than light. But calamity strikes, as...

    Commercial message Windows Steam

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  • Endless Place

    Endless Quad 2 testament put option you in the absorbing character of a drawing card directing a civilisation in devising its commencement stairs into the cold depths of interstellar space. You will...

    Commercial-grade Windows Steam

  • Stellaris

    Explore a brobdingnagian coltsfoot full of admiration in Stellaris, the development of the 4X scheme genre with blank space exploration at its core.

    Commercial message Mac Windows Linux Steam

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  • Horizon secret plan

    Horizon builds on democratic 4x Bout Based distance strategy games to bestow an evolved back of geographic expedition and conquest with open infinite pilotage and tactical ship combat.

    Commercial-grade Windows Steam

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  • Champion Ruler

    Star Ruler is a large scale, real-time grand scheme band in space. Design, build, and issue ascendance of potentially thousands of ships, and amplify the ambit of your...

    Commercial Windows Steam

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